MY: White Water Single Review


The newest Swedish export comes in the form of MY. Signed to Relentless Records this three piece compromise of Simon Westerdahl (guitar), Johannes Andersson (drums) and My Helmner (vocals). Having heard both  Pretty Little Liar and Invincible I knew that this band had something special. MY was also the support for McFly on the September Anthology tour and from what I’ve heard the showcases went down a storm.

Two days ago (30th September) saw the release of the brand new single by MY and this being the tantalising White Water. Helmner wrote it with both Johannes Andersson and Bhavik ”Knightstarr” Pattani during the winter in Stockholm. My showcased this tune when opening for McFly and I have to say this song was spectacular. Helmner’s vocals were rather reminiscent to Lyndsey Gunnulfsen from the American pop rock band Pvris.

Now I literally adored this number and it makes me anticipate the release of the debut album next year. White Water was drenched with plenty of pop goodness and the gentleness of the melody left me hypnotised. The verses were pure perfection whilst the deliciously dark punchy chorus left me hooked “I kept screaming/ For someone to come save me from the river/ Drowning in White Water/ I keep drowning in White Water”. From the verses I picture that this is about a toxic relationship “You’re a cyclone spinning me around/ I try to run away but always seem to find my way back/ Into your attention but don’t make up assumptions/ I was never yours to keep and you’re not mine/ You’re the fire trying to melt me down”.

In Helmner’s own words White Water “is about letting go of control, like a wild river coming alive from the winter, with white water breaking through the ice”. For anyone not familiar with MY you probably would think this is My’s solo project. That is not the case MY just happens to be the name of this new project.

In conclusion My Helmner is one formidable force who writes and sings her own material. Now this project wouldn’t be possible without Simon Westerdahl and Johannes Andersson. I’m anticipating the release of the debut album next year because I really want it blaring out of my speakers. I definitely do predict exciting things for this band.

They actually play a sold out headline show in London at Camden Assembly on 9th November. If you have a ticket then prepare to be amazed.



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