Meadowlark @ The Waiting Room 27th September 2016


Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley make up the terrific two piece that is Meadowlark. Having witnessed them play at The Hospital Club earlier on in the year, this gig at The Waiting Room was one I did not want to miss. Cut the long story short I simply love the material Meadowlark have out in the public domain.

Having glanced at the set list 11 tunes were listed and a couple were brand new. Anyhow it was the recently released Headlights which opened up the spellbinding evening. Now this was a delightful song which emitted plenty of synth pop vibes. Just witnessing this tasty tune right in front of my eyes left me in a trance. Headlights was a steadily paced chilled out cut aided by Kate’s candy coated vocals. Still this blissful number was a piece of perfection. After plenty of applause it was then onto a double dose of new songs. First up it was One and this was incredibly sweet. Anyways this was a sleek enchanting tune which left me in a daze. The lyrics were extremely beautiful and revolved around the topic of love “I can be the One”. Next up it was time for the infectious upbeat jam which was Pink Heart. With vibrant verses and a compelling chorus resulted in something that had me well and truly hooked. I literally cannot wait to hear the studio version in the nearby future. “Hello. We’re called Meadowlark thanks so much for coming down” McGill said before they got stuck into Body Lose. I adore this song, firstly it’s completely contagious and secondly it’s extremely upbeat. Basically Body Lose was ever so spellbinding and other than the hookable lyrics you also had Kate’s sugary sweet vocal tones. Whilst the verses were spectacular my favourite part had to be the thumping chorus“I felt my Body Lose/ I will never see that day, I will never see that day again”. It was then time for a bit of Quicksand. “We wrote it about a poster that saw online last year by a blog. I don’t know if any of you follow Humans Of New York. The post that affected us was about a guy whose sister had become very very ill and he needed to take some money out from a brick kiln loan place to pay off the bill. But because the accommodation food was provided on top the debt kept on getting higher and higher and he had to keep working. Then his family got dragged into it and his family was sold. It’s just horrific” McGill mentioned prior to launching into this delectable cut. Kate’s vocals were on point and the lyrics were extremely clear cut. It was actually rather harrowing because it told the story of a Pakistani brick kiln worker and it definitely tugged at my heartstrings “This is going down like Quicksand”. What came next was a delightful synth pop number. Sunlight was a whimsical tune with smooth verses and a punchy chorus “Coz if you only go one night/ I’ll let you in for the Sunlight”. Everything about this song was sublime. Following on you then had Satellite which sounded phenomenal. This was a smooth number with lyrics which grabbed my attention. Again there was plenty of harmonising and McGill’s vocals were sweet like honey. “We’re going to do an acoustic song now” Kate said before they both launched into Postcards. This sumptuous song will appear on the debut album next year. I was lucky to hear this beautiful but tender song last year having attended the headline show at The Lexington. Recently they performed it on a Facebook live stream. All I can say about this cut is WOW, Postcards was drenched with plenty of emotion and Kate’s vocal tones were pleasant on the ear. Also it was nice just to witnessed this gorgeous song stripped back.  Eyes Wide was played immediately after. Now this having been taken from the Dual EP, Eyes Wide was a song which had me captivated by the word go. Plus the contagious beat which had me moving on the spot. Aside from the harmonising by Daniel, Kate sang the bulk of this tune. Now McGill’s vocals were both sweet and angelic leaving me spellbound. Paraffin was a enthralling cut delivered to perfection. In fact this delectable tune packed a punch and reminded me of Lucy Rose from the Work It Out era. “So it’s come to that time of the night. We’re going to play our last song” McGill said which resulted in plenty of groans. It was an acoustic version of Fly which was the curtain closer. Kate provided the glistening vocals and Daniel provided the sublime harmonies. The verses were spectacular and the short chorus “Won’t you fly with me/ Oh, save me” was extremely memorable.


Pink Heart
Body Lose
Eyes Wide

OVERALL: This was an enjoyable evening in the presence of a duo whom I adore. The material showcased was top notch and leaves me anticipating the release of the debut album next year. Both One and Pink Heart were literally extraordinary, I’ll be surprised if they fail to make the album cut. Also the acoustic versions of Postcards and Fly were literally mind blowing


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