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Recently I’ve been listening to Nilu and the material currently out there is incredible. This talented singer has already released the Dichotomy EP independently in 2014 and most recently she’s just released the enchanting A Thousand Tangled Lies which was was co-produced by American Idol’s Randy Jackson.

nilu is of Persian heritage and she grew up in both Dubai and California. She was surrounded by Persian classical music whilst at home and during her frequent trips to Iran. Music and poetry nights at friends houses were a constant source of fun and inspiration, as nilu was enveloped by words of Persian poet Hafez and notes of the santour, tombak, setar and violin (the santour, tombak and setar are Persian instruments).

Also nilu recorded her very own passionate take on The Fray’s How To Save A Life. Breathtaking is the word I’m looking for when describing this song. Now this cover was a slow tempo piano ballad and nilu’s sultry vocals sent chills up my spine. The song itself was featured during the finale of the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

As for live appearances she has already opened for The Airborne Toxic Event and The Pacific Symphony, which displayed the accessibility of her music for both indie rock and classical audiences. Plus nilu also performed for His Holiness The Dalai Lama at his 80th birthday celebration.

Next year will see the release of the debut LP On The Wake which I know for a fact will sound incredible. The album itself was co-produced by nilu, Randy Jackson, Sarah Tatman, Ben Ross, Brandon Osorio and Logan Smith at Jim Henson Studios. nilu’s vocals are reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell and current a Fiona Apple. On The Wake also saw her incorporate the piano, guitar, tombak and other Persian percussion instrumnents into her emotional journey.

A Thousand Tangled Lies: This is the first glimpse of what to expected from debut album On The Wake and my god this number it utter brilliance. Now Nilu is an impeccable singer/ songwriter and A Thousand Tangled Lies is a piece of perfection. This was a beautiful piano/ string arrangement and the enchanting vocals left the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. All in all this well written cut was rather mellowing leaving me in a trance in the process.

Dichotomy: Two years ago Nilu released her debut EP independently. Dichotomy featured 4 tasty tunes which leave me completely captivated. Opener Sing For You is a compelling cut aided by nilu’s spellbinding vocals. This song was well crafted and everything about it was spot on. The steady paced lyrics were infectious and the melody was soothing plus I could pick up on some rock elements. On my very first listen of this beautiful number reminded me of the wonderful Sara Bareilles.

We then move on to Within Without and oh my god this song was literally amazing. Packed with a punch the entrancing Within Without was delivered at an infuriating pace. Nilu’s vocals radiated plenty of rock vibes and this extraordinary tune has to be my favourite from this delicious EP.

Someday was a steady paced number which left me completely engrossed. It started off stripped back then the guitars then drums joined in. In fact I could pick up on slight tinges of folk within Nilu’s gorgeous vocals. One word for this beautiful number would be whimsical.

The succulent Dichotomy EP comes to an end with Breakdown. From the looks of it, this terrific tune will feature on the On The Wake LP. Breakdown embodies nilu’s themes of introspection and self-reflection. The arrangement of this number was sublime, the vocals were exquisite and the melody was breathtaking. Just listening to Breakdown left me in a daze.

Having heard the Dichotomy EP and A Thousand Tangled Lies my only words to sum them up would be wow. I’m literally mega impressed with her songwriting skills. What Nilu has here are five tremendous tunes which instately grabbed my attention. The Dichotomy EP and A Thousand Tangled Lies are two different flavours, I for one cannot wait for the debut LP next year.

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