Fleurie: Love And War Album Review


Coming all the way from Nashville is Lauren Strahm (AKA Fleurie). Having released singles All The Lines in 2013, Paralyzed in 2014 and then the Arrows EP in 2015 she is back with the debut album Love And War. Now this LP is literally a masterpiece, it was perfectly produced and just listening takes my breath away. Actually it’s rather shocking that Fleurie has released everything as an independent artist. From playing the album from start to end it is plain to see she has the knack to writing brilliant songs. She’s even dubbed Love And War as her cinematic song collection.

Love And War: Sharing the same title as this epic album was this delicious cut. Just listening leaves me completely hypnotised. Love And War was a perfectly produced electro pop jam which reminded me of Lana Del Rey at times. “Lover, hunter, friend and enemy/ You will always be every of these/Lover, hunter, friend and enemy/ You will always be every of these/ Nothing’s fair in Love And War”. Fleurie’s smoldering vocals were ever so exquisite. Lover And War has been well crafted and on the whole this well produced number sent chills up my spine.

Soldier: Now this tune was used in the international film trailer for Concussion which starred Will Smith. This cut was slow in pace which created an electric atmosphere and the vocals/ lyrics left me well and truly hooked. All in all Soldier was a spectacular song which doesn’t disappoint.

Can You Hear Me?: Just listening to this delectable number left me spellbound. Fleurie’s vocals were extremely husky and this track was delivered at a steady pace. She definitely knows how to craft excellent songs, Can You Hear Me was produced with Cody Clark. He also produced Don’t Let Me Down with Fleurie. Anyhow this was extremely magical and those husky vocals left me in a daze.

Breathe: Oozing plenty of sleek indie pop vibes made Breathe one hell of a song. Everything about this was literally epic and Fleurie’s vocals leave the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Breathe started off a piano ballad and then the synths came in making this stand out number gain that extra edge. Actually this chilled out track literally blows my mind. Also I must mention it featured in the season three finale of the highly popular series, The Originals.

Don’t Let Me Down: Now this was a perfectly produced piece leaving me well and truly mesmerised at the same time. Those tasty synths mellowed me out and the stunning vocals were extremely smooth.

Turn You Into Stone: Listening to this cut just leaves me speechless. Fleurie’s dreamy vocals were exquisite and her songwriting skills were out of this world. I fell for Turn You Into Stone hook, line and sinker. Basically it was an epic of all proportions and the lyrics packed a fierce punch.

Sirens: Sirens was a haunting electronic pop tune which left me utterly hypnotised. In fact this number was a depiction of both loss and sadness. “Out in the darkness/ I saw an Angel/ Held back the flood/ Until the sky fell”. I wont lie but this atmospheric song left me with a lump in my throat.

Hurts Like Hell: This sparkling album then ended on a downer. Hurts Like Hell was a right tearjerker. Aside from all of that this tender but emotional tune was featured in MTV’s Scream TV Series. The verses were heartbreaking and the chorus did bring a tear to my eye “I loved and I loved and I lost you/ I loved and I loved and I lost you/ I loved and I loved and I lost you/ And it hurts like hell”. Aside from all of that the emotional Hurts Like Hell was a sensational song that was delivered to perfection.


Love and War is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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