Novaa: Skinny Dipping Single Review


7th October sees the release of the Stolen Peaches EP. I’ve listened to this 9 track mini album and I must say this delightful mini album left me in a trance. The story goes that in the Summer of 2015 NOVAA was gathering ideas for her debut record Peaches. At this time the only material out there was the Moglii collaborative Down Under EP. But things then took a turn for the worse when NOVAA’s car was broken into and the laptop housing all the ideas and new material was stolen. Whilst this was a major setback Novaa decided to reconstruct the remnants of this LP and then the aptly titled Stolen Peaches was born.

19 year old Novaa comes all the way from Germany. Not only does she write her own material but she also produces as well.

Aside from that Novaa has just released the latest cut from this spellbiinding EP. The song in question being Skinny Dipping. Now this being a steady paced pop number with lyrics which left me utterly captivated. Plenty of relaxing chilled out vibes resonated from this entrancing tune and the whole production did slightly remind me of the Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted (AKA MØ). Also I must mention that the spectacular vocals sent chills down my spine. “The first thing I came up with for “Skinny Dipping” was the sentence – “When your body’s colder than your heart”. In my mind there was a picture of someone lying in the snow trying to turn the body as cold as the heart is. I wanted the song to be dark but also very confusing, so I added the quirky vocal shreds, loads of wide, reverbrant synth layers and some atmospheric drum sounds to translate that picture into music” Novaa said about this whimsical single.




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