Elle Exxe: Sick Single Review

Elle Exxe is a sassy Scottish singer/ songwriter who’s already released multiple singles and the Love To Hate You EP. This October will see the debut LP  Love Fuelled Hate come into the world via LX Records. I’ve witnessed her perform on a couple of occassions and those live shows ooze plenty of energy. Also the new songs I Do, WTF, White Lies and Sick are so mind blowing they each have to feature on the new record.

From the material I’ve heard I would place Exxe in the pop category. Also I have to say she’s a cross between Ke$ha and Charli XCX. Last week saw a brand new song drop on YouTube and this came in the form of a lyric video for Sick. This song is addictive and the neon animated video tells the story perfectly.

Set in the USA this lyric video shows how Elle has discovered her long term partner has been cheating on her after he stepped out an out of order unisex toilet cubicle having just crossed lines with another girl. The very first line of this tune “Lipstick on the shirt collar” makes me think Exxe did have her suspicions about his infidelity. This then led to checking up on him at a bar which resulted in her being proved right.

After having made this heartbreaking discovery you then turn to alcohol so it numbs the pain. The line “I’m gonna be Sick” could either refer to the fact that you’ve mixed drinks or having made that discovery does make you sick to your stomach. Also the lines “I don’t want to be alone/ no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no/ Calling every number on my my phone/ Oh no, no, no, no, no” makes me jump to the conclusion that this was a long term relationship. If you discover your partner has been cheating you will always dread being alone.

That aside this lyric video was hypnotic and the song is an infectious pop belter. Also the glorious animation was spot on.

Recently Elle Exxe has performed three shows (one being a surprise takeover at Google HQ) in New York. Now those shows gained a good response. Also next week Exxe jets off to South Korea to perform there. Then October will see her back on home soil where she will host an album launch on the 12th October at the 229 then on 27th October she’ll be performing at the Unsigned Music Awards which takes place at The Troxy.



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