Daily Dig: Allie & Ivy


All the way from Sydney, Australia you have Allie & Ivy. Despite thinking that they are a duo (similar to Aly & AJ), Allie & Ivy is the brainchild of Aleisha (Allie) Conlay. At this very moment Conlay has released the Paradisium EP independently way back in 2014 and this year will see the release of the debut untitled EP released on I Can’t Wait For Summer. Other than being a talented singer Aleisha knows how to write spellbinding songs and the material out there literally blows my mind. Actually it was at the age of 11 when she started to write her own song and three years later was when she picked up the guitar.

Allie was schooled in music at a very young age by her father whom is a guitarist and record collector from London with a passion for 60s music. At the age of 11 Conlay became fascinated with iconic band The Beatles, she even had the dream of creating her own rock group called The Ladybeetles. But like most dreams they never do come true. Allie then conjured up the alter ego Ivy which gave her the comradeship, confidence and support a real band couldn’t.

Allie & Ivy have gained accolades both in Australia and internationally with success in the International Songwriting Competition (2015) and the Unsigned Only Music Competition (2016 & 2015).

I’m addicted to the brand new single Best Friends and I want to share my thoughts. But one single review wasn’t enough, so I went a step further and reviewed everything that Allie has released to date.

Paradisium: Allie & Ivy made her emergence onto the music scene with this sumptuous release. Whist Conlay is the voice it’s Matais Coulter who provides all of the incredible instrumentation. Things kicked off with the refreshing Paradisium which also shared the same title as the EP. Now this tune leaves me completely hypnotised, it oozed plenty of indie pop vibes and it emitted plenty of warmth at the same time. Allie’s succulent vocals were rather dreamy and I fell for the infectious lyrics hook line and sinker.

Cowboys And Indians: Plenty of indie pop vibes radiated from this exquisite number. Now this was a piece of perfection and Aleisha has written a right cracker here. Those lyrics painted a clear cut picture and the fast paced chorus packed a punch “Fight till the last man stands/ Cowboys and Indians”.

Shades: This stunning EP came to a close with this brilliant song. Everything about this was on point, Conlay’s vocals were ever so sweet and the Aussie accent shone through. Shades was an uptempo cut which left me utterly enthralled. Also the instrumentation was superb as well, for starers you had the ukulele which gave Shades that relaxing/ chilled out feel then moments later there was the drum beat giving it that extra edge. Whilst I completely adored both Paradisium and Cowboys And Indians, Shades has to be my favourite.

Get Hi: This was Allie & Ivy’s debut single on the label I Can’t Wait For The Summer. Now this song was pure power pop. Delivered at an infuriating pace this tasty tune had bright and breezy lyrics which set a darker tone. “Get Hi is about my old housemate’s battle with cocaine addiction. He absolutely loved to party and lived only for the weekend but his substance abuse had seen him get into thousands of dollars in debt, which put a massive strain on his relationship. He was constantly beating himself up about it, saying he was going to give up the party lifestyle and pay back the money he owed, but as soon as the weekend rolled around he’d get so excited and be up to his old tricks again. He just couldn’t resist the temptation” Allie said of this number. Now Conlay’s vocals were pristine and anthem esque lyrics were extremely catchy “But everybody wants a little something sometimes/ And everybody wants to get, wants to get high/ Every little piece of me wants to be up there/ With everybody”. This captivating cut is definitely one which gets you moving on the spot.

Best Friends: Released tomorrow (20th September) is the latest Allie & Ivy cut. Just hearing Best Friends literally left me in a trance. This delectable tune was a joyous Summer jam which lifts my spirits whenever I hear it. Actually it’s pure ear candy. Anyways this numer is a slice of synth pop, Allie’s vocals were blissful and the infectious lyrics had me hooked from the start. The verses were smooth whilst the chorus oozed plenty of Summery vibes packing a punch at the same time “We’re hang out by the poolside/ We love to live the good life/ We don’t care about the future/ We only live for the day”. On my very first listen I was grinning from beginning to end. The vocal delivery actually reminded me of Swedish duo Icona Pop.

To sum everything up Allie Conlay is a mega talented singer/ songwriter who’s already got some impeccable tunes under her belt. Swimming in plenty of synth pop vibes these tunes left me relaxed and enthralled. She definitely has a way with words and I literally cannot wait to hear the debut EP.

When the day comes and Allie & Ivy ventures over to the United Kingdom I’ll be there.

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