Pamela Hute: Today EP Review


The Today EP is the brand new release from Parisian singer/ songwriter Pamela Hute. Having come out on 16th September on the My Dear Recordings this 4 track mini album is a slice of perfection. I would say that this EP was smothered in plenty of indie/ pop vibes along with dashes of gentle rock.

Aside from that Hute is no stranger to the music scene. During her early youth she formed The Mashed Potatoes. Then in 2006 Pamela went solo and released albums such as Turtle Tales From Overseas in 2010 and Bandit three years later. Then another three years after saw this exquisite EP come into the world. Pamela Hute actually created her record label My Dear Recordings which I find to be extraordinary.

All I Say: Opening up this EP you had this delectable cut. The moment I heard this I was instantly hooked. All I Say was pure bliss, the smoothness of the melody left me in a trance and those vocals were impeccable. This cut was smothered in plenty of pop vibes which resulted in something extremely magical. Anyhow this was a joyous tune aided by hypnotic lyrics and Pamela’s sugary sweet vocal tones.

Banshees: This was the second single from this exquisite EP. Now Banshees was a mixture of indie meets rock which was a perfect pairing. I must say this was extremely haunting and the hookable lyrics left me in a daze. Aside from all that Banshees which Hute wrote with friend Delphine (Barbara Wolf) had been well crafted with lyrics that were also a tad eerie.

Gunshot: The vibe then suddenly changed. Gunshot was steady paced enchanting tune which at the same time was extremely blissful. Whilst this number left me in a trance, the lyrics were rather chilling “There’s A Gunshot outside/ In the papers, you never saw his face/ And maybe it’s a nightmare/ Anyway, it’s too late/ In the papers, you never saw his face/ And maybe it’s a nightmare/ Anyway, it’s too late”. 

I Know: Ending this EP was this sumptuous song. Drenched in plenty of indie vibes, I Know was extremely fresh and upbeat at the same time. The vocals were on point and those delicious lyrics left me completely mesmerised.

You can purchase this splendid EP from iTunes

Official Site


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