Kerri Watt @ The Borderline 14th September 2016


Kerri Watt is a talented Scottish singer/ songwriter who’s already got a couple of exquisite EP’s underneath her belt. The Borderline was the choice of venue for this sensational performance. Headlining this evening was Barns Courtney and Kerri was the act who kicked things off. The moment Watt announced she was to support Barns Courtney I snapped up a ticket straight away. Kerri never fails to make me smile, her tunes are so hypnotic and uplifting at the same time.

Taking to the stage at 7.30pm the adorable Kerri Watt delivered a sensational 7 song set consisting of both new and old material. Things opened up with Seven Bridges Road and this being a take on The Eagles. Watt only sang a small portion of this country styled tune but her vocals were enough to send shivers up my spine. “Hey everybody. How’s it going. It’s great to see you all here. My name’s Kerri Watt” she then said before getting stuck into her own music. Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? was simply spectacular, Watt’s vocals are sugary sweet and those self penned lyrics had me completely hooked. It was a mixture of country meets pop which is a wondrous combination. Performed at a fast pace this light hearted song never fails to put a smile on my face “Whoooo-who’s lovin’ me now?/ Who could see I need to be found?/ Always had love in my life, but I was never satisfied!/ What would my heart allow if no one’s lovin’ me now?!”. On the whole this was both bright and breezy leaving me completely compelled at the same time. “This next song I wrote as an apology to my mum for being a bratty teenager” Kerri then mentioned to the intimate audience before She Said. The lyrics were clear cut and mentioned how your mother is always right. Sang at a sleek steady pace this beautiful cut had tender lyrics which Watt delivered to perfection “She Said don’t wait on the front line/ There’s a reason things come to an end/ Some people wanna waste your time/ You stay on the good side/ If you want my advice keep rolling, keep rolling the dice”. This smooth contagious tune makes me picture a relationship which came to an end and the mother is saying he wasn’t worth it. She Said needs to feature on an EP or album soon. Everything about Intuition was spot on. Kerri was inspired to write this song having thought about beliefs and life in the world. Still this was a delectable song and the melody was extremely chilled out. The lyrics on the other hand were incredible, Watt does have the knack for writing terrific tunes “Call it Intuition/ This is my religion”. All in all this was a spellbinding song which mesmerised me. Immediately after it was then time for a bit of Pirate Man. Having featured on the Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? EP I’ve not witnessed this tune live since the very first time I laid eyes on Kerri way back in 2014. Anyhow Pirate Man was a bluesy country cut with an added bit of smokiness. The vocals were rather haunting and Watt literally put everything into this infectious number.

It was then onto a double dose of newies which I was hearing for the first time. Sorrow was an enchanting song with luscious tender lyrics. Basically I fell for this contagious cut hook, line and sinker “Save me some of that Sorrow/ That you’re always talking about/ I’d like some to borrow/ If you handing it out”. Kerri’s vocals were ever soothing and those lyrics made me picture a failed relationship. Right at the end the pace picked up and Watt’s impeccable vocals were a formidable force. “This is a song about falling in love the old school way. We met in person” Kerri Watt mentioned before introducing the song as Old School Love. Delivered at a mellowing pace this number was extremely promising. I found OSL to be a dreamy number aided by candy coated vocals which were incredibly fluffy. The tender lyrics saw Watt singing about how she would rather fall in love. The narrative this tune offered was extremely cute. Nowadays falling in love this way is a thing of the past and this is all down to the rise of dating websites such as Tinder, Match, eHarmony etc. Things came to an end with the delightful Paris. Even though I enjoyed every tune Kerri Watt has out there this number has to be my favourite just because of that infectious chorus. I literally love, love, love this number which emitted plenty of warmth plus it left me with a happy feeling deep inside. Kerri has penned a song which is sheer genius, the verses are incredible and the chorus packed a slight punch and drew me in at the same time “You’re a little bit of Paris/ Walking down a London road/ You’re the best kept secret/ My home away from home/ You’re a little bit of New York/ We got L.A too/ Where ever there’s a skyline/ That’s where I’ll wait for you”.


Seven Bridges Road
Who’s Lovin’ Me Now
She Said
Pirate Man
Old School Love

OVERALL: Kerri is an adorable Scottish lass whom has a host of material which is literally pure heaven. The set she performed this evening was extremely spellbinding and it leaves me anticipating the future. Those superb new songs have to indicate either an EP or album is on the horizon.

Also Watt’s smooth like butter vocals were utter bliss.


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