Alpines: Another River Album Preview


Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews are UK duo Alpines. 28th October will see the release of Another River via Metropolis Recordings. Now this record is the follow up to the dazzling debut Oasis which featured the likes of Saviour, Chances, Blind and Stronger. I have so much love for that LP and I’m glad they are back with this sensational sophomore.

At this moment in time the only songs to be lifted from this record are Completely and Heaven. These are two impeccable cuts which showcases Pockson’s exquisite songwriting skills. Another River compromises of 10 tasty tunes, if you like me attended the show at The Waiting Room only 5 tunes were brand new.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to hear this impressive album before it hits shelves/ digital marketplaces at the end of October. From having listened to this record all the way through they most definitely upped their game.

Another River: Opening up this incredible record you had the title track. Now with Alpines it is Catherine who is the vocalist and the whole instrumentation was provided by Bob. Another River was both sweet and sensual leaving me utterly hypnotised. Pockson’s vocals oozed plenty of sleek r&b vibes plus this song was a well written piece of perfection. Those delectable lyrics made me picture losing that someone special and you’ve shed enough tears you can’t cry any more “I don’t think I could cry Another River for you”.

Completely: Back in May Alpines released this classy cut and this had been well pieced together. Whenever I hear this number I’m immediately captivated. Completely was a slice of chilled out electronica and those gorgeous vocals were on point.

Stay: This was a sensational song and it oozes single potential. Now the epic that is Stay was an upbeat jam which could easily get you moving and grooving. The lyrics were extremely mesmerising, Catherine’s heavenly vocal range left me in a daze and this number had been well crafted. “There’s nobody makes me feel the way you make me feel/ Cause nobody makes me heal the way you make me heal”. On the whole Stay was an exceptional tune with sweet lyrics which left me utterly compelled.

Motionless: Things were taken down a notch for this number. Pockson’s ethereal vocal range right at the beginning sent chills up my spine. Anyways Motionless was a down tempo electro pop tune which left me in a trance. The lyrics left me hooked and I found Catherine’s vocals to be rather smooth

Heaven: This is the latest single and I must admit it is a right cracker. Smothered with plenty of r&b vibes Heaven was a song I fell for on my very first listen. I found it to be very relaxing as the gorgeous vocal delivery left me in a hypnotic state. “You’ve got this Heaven about you baby/ You’ve got my soul in your hands so effortlessly”. Along with impeccable lyrics you also had sugary sweet vocals, Heaven was a number which had the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Mutual: After the first five songs it was then time for brand new material I was hearing for the very first time. Now Mutual was a slick laid back number and Catherine’s pristine vocals left me enthralled. Those r&b tinged cutesy lyrics centred around the topic of love “It was always you and you know it/ Even when I didn’t show it” things then took a turn for the worse when Pockson reached the final verse “Was this all a lie/ Was it ever true/ Cause you know that for me/ It was always you”.

Take Me To The Water: Now this is an epic upbeat r&b jam. Everything about this tune was extraordinary. The upbeat Take Me To The Water had lyrics which left me captivated and the vocals were simply sublime. Along with vibrant verses you also had a chorus which oozed plenty of electronic beats “Take Me To The Water/ Watch me dive in/ Right down to the bottom/ Where all this begins”. From listening I picture a newly married couple. The line “I’ll be the rock/ I’ll be the strength/ I’ll stand by you” makes me think the guy has broken his previous partners heart and is now in a brand new relationship.

How It Hurts: Just listening to this tune sent shivers up my spine. The piano driven How It Hurts focused on Catherine Pockson’s immaculate vocal range. Delivered at a slow pace this soulful ballad left me in a trance.

Love And Money: Sensational is the word I’m looking for when describing this number. This had been sublimely written and Catherine’s chilled out vocals were out of this world. Literally I was left spellbound after hearing this from beginning to end. The verses were spot on and there were plenty of synth electronic beats throughout the chorus “So is it about the love/ Or is it about money/ So tell me why it is/ That you get to run by you”. There was in fact an anthem feel to the chorus.

Under The Sun: Ending this delightful record you have this superb song. Under The Sun was rather refreshing. The vocals were extremely soothing and the whole production was literally impeccable.

You can pre order Another River or get tickets for the forthcoming Moth Club show on 9th November HERE

OVERALL: Another River is a stellar sophomore album consisting of 10 tasty tracks. I was already familiar with the first 5 songs but the other 5 literally blew my mind. Songs such as How It Hurts or Mutual leave me excited over the thought of witnessing them being performed live.

Now I adore this record, each tune is a corker and the way they’ve been written is literally incredible. They each show that Catherine definitely has the gift for song writing. To sum it up this sophomore was a joyous r&b tinged record which left me completely speechless on my first listen. It’s well known for the sophomore album to be the most tricky as it’s hard to live up to the expectation of the debut. Now Alpines have basically have taken it to a whole new level.

28th October can’t come quick enough.


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