Daily Dig: Aria Hennessy


Hailing from Vancouver but now based in Los Angeles is Aria Hennessy. Now Aria is a talented 23 year old singer/ songwriter who has a couple of slick R&B tunes under her belt. She’s actually been in the music industry for quite a while having signed with Universal Music Canada as a teenager.

From having heard both High With Me and Where Did The Love Go I can tell music is something Hennessy is extremely passionate about. Even the covers of No Scrubs by TLC and Needed Me by Rihanna were literally extraordinary.

Now Aria is part of The Aria Project. Now this project is a collaboration with her friends, songwriters, producers, photographers, videographers, choreographers and makeup artists. At this very moment Hennessy is currently residing in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, where she is making final tweaks on an EP to be released before the end of the year. I for one cannot wait to hear more from her in the nearby future.

High With Me: Oozing plenty of slick r&b vibes was this chilled out track. Just hearing it for the first time literally took my breath away. The vocals were soothing and those self penned lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Actually High With Me was described as a vibey, stoner friendly song and that description is very true. “So come on get High With Me/ Why are you moving so carefully/ My love is more like a wild dream/ So come on get High, High, High, High With Me”. Now this song is a real diamond and it was aided by lyrics which left me enchanted.

Where Did The Love Go: On my first play this refreshing tune left me utterly enthralled. Where Did The Love Go focused on a relationship which came to an end “This is about you and me/ Boy Where Did The Love Go/ This is about you and me/ Boy where did your heart go/ This is about you and me/ They tell me to let go”. Plenty of slick r&b dance vibes flowed from this classy cut. Hennessy’s stellar vocals oozed plenty of emotion and this had been well written. All in all this was an exceptional track as it left me captivated from beginning to end.

This song was also produced by renowned producers Michael Biancaniello and Louis Biancaniello, who’s credits include r&b legends Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

No Scrubs: To mark the 20th Anniversary of TLC getting to #1 with this song Aria decided to add her own spin. Now I must say Hennessy’s take on this well known cut is out of this world. Basically No Scrubs was an entrancing chilled out r&b dance jam aided by Aria’s entrancing vocals. On the whole this was an intriguing take on this well known track and Hennessy definitely did it justice.

Needed Me: The final cover on the Soundcloud page is a take on Rihanna. Now this was a sleek mixture of r&b meets soul which I found to be a delightful combination. Just like No Scrubs, Needed Me was a chilled out cover which can easily have you swaying from side to side.

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