Saint Adeline: Status Quo Single Review

Drew, Kasie and Chloe Gasparini are New York folk/ pop trio Saint Adeline. 19th September will see the release of the debut self titled EP and to mark this occasion they will be playing a launch show at Joe’s Pub in New York. Having listened to this mini album prior to the date it drops, Saint Adeline do have something incredibly special and the vocals are literally top notch.

Recently Saint Adeline released their latest single and this being the incredible Status Quo. Unlike the prior two singles Jumpstart and You’re Not Gonna Be The One, it is brother Drew who is at the forefront with sisters Kasie and Chloe providing the luscious harmonies. Now this impeccable tune is a reminder to live in the now and embrace your surroundings.

Status Quo was a well written piece of perfection. Along with Drew’s hypnotising vocals, Kasie and Chloe’s gorgeous harmonies you also had the entrancing lyrics. Those verses were extremely soothing but my favourite part had to be the edgy sounding chorus which packed a punch.

Status Quo is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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