Daily Dig: Cindy Alma


Recently I’ve been listening to Cindy Alma ALOT. What has left me addicted is the new single Sad Song and Cindy’s vocals are literally out of this world. It’s clear she has a burning passion for music.

So having fallen in love with this delicious tune I then explored Alma’s background. Cindy was born in Marseilles, France to a French Algerian father and French Moroccan mother. Fast forward to the age of 14, she won a local singing contest resulting in a televised appearance that turned many heads and began her professional singing career.

2013 then saw collaborations with producer and DJ Armin van Buuren. Those songs in question being both Beautiful Life and Don’t Want To Fight Love Away. This then led to Cindy going on a world tour with Armin which saw her perform on 5 continents, dozens of countries and millions of fans around the world.

All I Need: December 2009 saw Cindy Alma make her emergence. This song in question being the tasty All I Need on the Cherry Lane Music label. This was an exquisite song which is completely different when compared to Sad Song. Now Sad Song emitted pop/ dance vibes but All I Need was a power pop ballad with sweet and honest lyrics which pulled on my heartstrings. Basically this was a right epic and Alma’s vocals were extremely enchanting.

Beautiful Life: Now this was a piece of perfection. Beautiful Life was a club friendly floor filler. Oozing plenty of electronic beats this cut had been perfectly produced and Cindy Alma’s vocals were pristine “It’s such a beautiful, beautiful life/ When every day is made of you and I/ Oh oh/ Just close your eyes/ And we could dance tonight forever”. To sum things up this hypnotic jam left me in a trance.

Don’t Want To Fight Love Away: I found this delicious tune to be rather interesting because it was more focused on instrumentation.It was just under 2 minutes when Cindy came in with her dreamy vocals. Everything about Don’t Want To Fight Love Away left me utterly enthralled. Basically the captivating lyrics were rather sweet and the vocals were something special “I don’t want to fight love away/ I don’t want to fight love away/ It’s in my eyes it’s in my head/ It’s something there that I can’t forget/ I don’t want to fight love away”. Just like Beautiful Life I could see this played at clubs.

Sad Song: Just listening to this just makes my jaw drop. Sad Song was a magical cut which Cindy wrote to perfection. This captivating tune featured on the soundtrack to the film Honey 3: Dare To Dance which went direct to DVD. I must say just listening to this was a enjoyable experience as Cindy’s mesmerising refreshing vocals resulted in my mouth dropping. Well Sad Song radiated plenty of luscious pop vibes plus you had elements of dance music as well. All in all this soothing tune had been perfectly delivered and the vocals infused to the hypnotising chilled out melody. Sad Song always manages to send chills up my spine.

Putting everything into perspective Cindy Alma is a passionate performer who also has the knack for writing incredible songs. From having heard Sad Song I can tell she will go far in the music industry. Now Alma is currently signed to CA Entertainment and Sad Song was her major debut solo single which oozed plenty of passion. Plus this song served as a taster of what to expect in the future.

Sad Song is available to purchase on iTunes



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