Ofelia K: Chaos Cave EP Review

Ofelia K is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Los Angeles. Just hearing Cinco for the very first time left me hooked, from that very moment I then looked into her colourful background and then came across the exquisite 4 track Plastic Flower EP which served as the debut.

Yesterday saw the release of the sophomore EP Chaos Cave on the South By Sea Music imprint. Here is what Ofelia had to say about this record “Chaos Cave was recorded at a couple studios in Burbank as well as at my house in Box Canyon. Massive amounts of La Croix sparkling water were consumed. My producer Andy Rosen and I both have some OCD tendencies that get compounded when working together, so there’s a lot of attention to detail throughout. We worked in Ableton, which really influenced the soundscapes we were able to achieve and allowed for quite a bit of creative freedom. My attitude is always that of letting each song go where it wants to and not feeling strictly limited to one genre, so each of the five songs brings a different mood and style to the body of work”. Each of the 5 tunes featured were singles this year. The final piece of the puzzle came in the form of Another World and this being yet another cracker.

Cinco: Opening up this exquisite release was this gorgeous cut. Now Cinco is Spanish for the number 5. Also the start of this wondrous tune saw K counting up to 5 in Spanish. Anyhow Cinco literally blew my mind, the verses reminded me of Aurora and the dreamy hazy chorus had traces of Tove Lo “Ah ooo/ Nobody can rattle me/ My cavalry’s on the move/ Ah ooo/ I feel like it’s happening/ I gotta howl at the moon/ Ah ooo ah, ah ooo ahh/ Cinco”. Basically this was pure indie pop smothered with plenty of shimmering synths plus Ofelia’s vocal range was ever so blissful.

Killing Me: Last month saw the release of this outstanding song. Now I found this to be rather upbeat and at the same time it had been sweetly delivered. Killing Me was an ethereal pop jam aided by Ofelia’s delicate/ heavenly vocals. She in fact struggles with loves highs and lows plus the chorus tugged on my heartstrings “Am I wrong?/ Oh you’re killing me, killing me/ Chasing my tail like a wild coyote/ Strange little mess we used to play/ Oh it’s killing me, killing me/ How come this hurts?/ But I need ya so bad”. All in all this had been perfectly written because I was well and truly hooked.

Bad Boys: Now this was a smooth chilled out number aided by hypnotising lyrics. I have to say this was an heartbreaking tune about the complexity of toxic relationships. You could pick up on the sense of fragility within the pristine vocal delivery. The enchanting Bad Boys takes you on an emotional journey, the storytelling lyrics tell you that bad boys aren’t worth it. Even if you really like them, the relationship will not have an happy ending “Bad boys/ They always get in the way/ With all their good moves/ I really can’t stay away/ Bad Boys/ They always get in the way/ With all of their good moves/ I make the same mistakes”.

I Love My Lawyer: Hands down this is my favourite cut from this EP. It is an uplifting candy coated pop tune aided by Ofelia’s sugary sweet vocals. I must say I Love My Lawyer was completely infectious, the verses were bright and breezy then you had the chorus which oozed plenty of fun vibes “I Love My Lawyer/ My angel in a black suit/ Looks like he’s mourning/ Every time he wakes up/ If you were my age/ Or close to my age/ Anywhere near my age/ I would marry you”. Actually a part of this shimmering song reminded me of Charli XCX during the True Romance era. Whenever I hear this delectable song leaves me grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Another World: Now this cut was slow in pace and then you had Ofelia K’s ethereal vocal tones which left me spellbound. Whenever I hear this my love for Another World only grows. Ofelia had this to say about this impeccable song “Another World seesaws between darkness and light, beauty and pain. My vision for this song was for it to take you through different worlds, as though the listener is traveling and taking in new terrain throughout. I love the visuals that the instrumentation paints, like the sounds are playing with one another and need to be hushed and contained at points”.

Chaos Cave is available now on iTunes

OVERALL: I literally adored this record, the 5 songs featured were all crackers. Basically Chaos Cave was a blissful EP which leaves me relaxed whenever I listen to it. Seriously this girl is one hell of a songwriter and her ability for writing killer songs is literally insane.

Whilst I adored each of the 5 tracks my personal favourite was I Love My Lawyer. This song was a punchy bubble gum pop tune which leaves me with a feeling of warmth whenever its played.

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