Effie: Could You Be EP Review


Home grown Effie released a tremendous EP last month and this being Could You Be.Oozing plenty of R&B/ Soulful vibes this 4 track release left me utterly entranced. Featuring 4 refreshing tunes Could Be You was one marvelous effort and it showcased Effie’s mesmerising vocal range. Coming all the way from North London, Effie was mentored by Lemar plus she’s garnered praise from the MOBOs and Radio1 Xtra. Now in her early twenties Effie is set to take the centre stage.

Having spent the past 18 months developing her own material while working as a featured artist on releases for FOOR (Gravity / Everything You Need / So Good /Running Away / Connection), Dots Per Inch (Sparks and Flashes), Effie has been been enjoying finding her voice alongside some of the industry’s leading lights.

Could Be You is in fact the sophomore EP as Effie released the 4 track Conquer EP last year. The moment I listened to the stream of this record left me completely spellbound. Things kick off with Pressure. Oozing plenty of R&B vibes along with thumping electronic beats resulted in this being an upbeat jam. Effie’s vocals were on point and Pressure had been well crafted as the captivating lyrics were sheer genius.

Could You Be was a ballad which showcased Effie’s exquisite vocal range to perfection. Now I found the title track to this EP to be extremely beautiful because it sees Effie ask the question Could You Be The One. Smoothly delivered, just hearing this whimsical cut left me entranced.

Lose was a sweet love song and the blissful vocals sent shivers up my spine. Out of the 4 tunes that feature on this delectable EP this refreshing song has to be my highlight.

Just Friends was a piece of perfection. This was a well produced number aided by sparkling lyrics that had me hooked. Just Friends felt as if it were a dance track and it also reminded me of the likes of an early Katy B. The lyrics were pristine and they infused to the pacey melody which resulted in something that had me hooked. You could tell that Effie gave this delightful number her all. To sum things up Just Friends is a right banger.

If you wish to buy this EP head over to iTunes

OVERALL: The material I’ve heard makes me see that Effie has plenty of promise. Both EPs Could You Be and Conquer are utter masterpieces and it showed that the future is bright. The fact she was mentored by Lemar is quite something.

Regarding the Could You Be EP, each of the 4 tracks were a breath of fresh air. If you love your R&B/ Soul music then give her a listen to. Whilst each track was sensational my favourite had to be Lose

14th September will see the release show for Could You Be at the Old Blue Last and it’s one not to be missed. To buy tickets head over to the Old Blue Last website and you can snap one up that way.

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