Comrad: 10 Feet Away EP Preview


Now Connecticut based Arthur Revechkis adopts the moniker Comrad. Later this month will see the release of the debut EP 10 Feet Away which features 6 tasty tracks. I’ve had a sneaky peak and I must say this delightful short but sweet release is literally phenomenal.

This upcoming release was written completely, from start to finish, by Comrad. The EP was produced at Fireplace Studios in Manhattan, New York by producer Josh Sadlier‐Brown (Featurette, Parson James, Kae Sun). The reason I became so attached to this mini album is the fact I’m a huge fan of the folk genre. Now 10 Feet Away is swimming with plenty of folk vibes plus there were hints of Americana. On my first play I was grinning from beginning to end, Arthur has a way with words and this resulted in an EP that had me in a daze.

I Might Be Fine: Having been released as a single this song was light and enchanting at the same time. All throughout the ukulele was prominent and regarding the lyrics these resonated plenty of Americana vibes. I Might Be Fine had been superbly pieced together as I found the upbeat lyrics to be rather quirky.

Full Of Texas: Other than the folk Americana vibes I could pick up the influence of bluegrass as well. Arthur’s vocals were rather sweet and the story telling narrative was stupendous. Now this rootsy tune tells the story of a man who’s stunted in growth and is going back to Texas to find  girl to call his own “The problem is you see/ I’m barely 4″3/ I can’t reach the sink or reach that stove”. Actually this guy is kind of a jerk because he thinks the woman should do everything because he’s short. Yes his reasons are rational but there are other ways this man can make his contribution.

80 Proof Waltz: Just hearing this song was a blissful experience. 80 Proof Waltz was a beautiful number aided by warm fuzzy lyrics. Arthur’s smooth smoky vocal tones were exquisite plus the way it had been written was utterly sublime. I could also pick up on plenty of jazz vibes as well. Aside from all of that this delightful song detailed falling in love with the unlikeliest person. This being an elderly man with a young mans soul. Still you are as young as you feel and you can’t help who you fall in love with.

1000 Lives: Again the ukulele was prominent throughout. I actually have a fondness for this song due to the fact it was the first I had the pleasure of listening too. Whilst being drenched in plenty of upbeat bubbly folk vibes there were tinges of sadness. The narrative made me picture Arthur having a crush on a girl but despite all of his best efforts the girl remained completely oblivious “But the saddest thing of all/ Is that you didn’t even know”. All in all this jolly tune had me well and truly hypnotised.

My Date With Jesus: This was a sleek cut with an upbeat lyrical delivery which had me tapping my toe. Arthur’s vocals were on point and the lyrics were well crafted. Along with brilliant verses this tune was ever so beautiful detailing falling in love with Jesus “I love you more than being alone/ And when the weather’s dark and cold/ I think I love you most of all”.

Flying Cars: Ending this EP you had this stupendous song. Just like I Might Be Fine and 1000 Lives the ukulele was present. Set in the future where Flying Cars exist, I found this enthralling number was extremely light and uplifted me at the same time. The vocals were spot on, Revechkis’s songwriting skills were extraordinary and the use of the ukulele gave Flying Cars that chilled out feel. I fell for this tune hook line and sinker.

OVERALL: This was one incredible EP which consisted of 6 perfectly written cuts. Now Comrad is onto a good thing, if you love your folk/ Americana singer/ songwriters then 10 Feet Away is right up your street.

Arthur’s vocal tones were out of the world, the folkish smoothness left me completely captivate. I most definitely will be keeping tabs on Comrad in the future as this release was literally a piece of perfection. Even though every tune was a complete cracker my favourite had to be 80 Proof Waltz. Now that song was both beautiful and tender.

Finally I must mention the artwork. I don’t know who made it but that elephant in a space suit is SOOOOO cute.



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