Daily Dig: Ksenia Valenti


Coming all the way from Los Angeles is Ksenia Valenti who is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an impeccable singer but Ksenia is also an actress, a writer and a comedian. Anyhow Valenti was born and raised in the tiny port town of Nakhodka, Russia. Music is something she is extremely passionate about, she started to learn how to play classical piano at the age of 6 and Ksenia was entering music competitions and beauty pageants at 13. She didn’t win the local singing contest on her first attempt, but was successful on her second try. Also Valenti appeared as a finalist on the national Russian television show Sing If You Can.

Ksenia got a full scholarship at Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok and she traveled the country performing traditional Russian songs. Her studies as an advertising and music student continued on in St. Petersburg, where she achieved her academic BF degree from St. Petersburg Technological University in advertising + communications while simultaneously engaging in rigorous vocal, acting, and film training at the prestigious University of Culture and Arts.

Back in 2009 Ksenia made a whistle stop visit to the USA and went to states such as Las Vegas, New York,San Diego and Los Angeles. Having been kicked out by a house guest, resulted in Valenti asking strangers for directions for the nearest motel. The first person to give her directions was Mario Marchetti. Now this was a clear sign because Mario is actually an accomplished music producer.

Now based in Los Angeles Valenti has paired up with both Mario Marchetti and songwriter Gino Barletta to create wondrous pop jams based on the narrative of her life. We then come to 2016 and this saw the release of Locked In A Dream and I must say this song is literally a banger.

In The Night: Just hearing this captivating cut just draws me in. In The Night was a power pop anthem aided by punchy lyrics which hit me like a ton of bricks. The verses were sublime and then you had a powerful thumping chorus which left me completely enthralled “I am getting you off of me/ And I won’t go back as long as I am alive/ Cuz you took enough of me/ And I know you loved me wrong in the night”. Everything about this showed plenty of promise and Ksenia’s vocal range was pure perfection.

Powerless: Now this beautiful piano ballad was ever so exquisite. Valenti’s soft vocal delivery left me enchanted. Having been released in April, Powerless was a well written tune and those delicious lyrics left me hooked. The whimsical bridge reminded me of Kate Winslet’s What If “So let me sleep in your bed tonight/ If it’s the last time I’ll taste your lips on mine/ In the morning I won’t put up a fight”. The verses were spectacular and the tasty chorus was delivered with plenty of gusto. The narrative made me picture a relationship that’s come to an end because the spark has gone.

Locked In The Dream: Not that long ago Ksenia dropped a right belter. The club friendly Locked In The Dream oozed plenty of dance pop vibes. Valenti’s glistening vocals made me fall for this delectable cut hook line and sinker. Basically it was pure ear candy and those infectious feel good lyrics left me in a daze.

Ksenia Valenti is a talented Russian, the material I’ve had the pleasure of listening to was literally mind blowing. Locked In The Dream was a trance like jam which only leaves me excited for Valenti’s future endeavors. Other than being an actress and comedian she also has her very own YouTube channel. The content uploaded to this channel is a mixture of singing, acting, comedy and there is also cooking. Now Ksenia’s covers have seen take on tunes by Katy Perry, James Bay, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and Sara Bareilles. Now that cover of Sara Bareilles’s Gravity is simply divine.

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