Laura Doggett @ The Bedford 1st September 2016


Making her debut at The Bedford was 22 year old Laura Doggett. She is also a mega talented singer/ songwriter and the material I witnessed at XOYO last May literally blew my mind. Signed to RCA Records Laura has released the Into The Glass EP, singles Phoenix, Moonshine and the impeccable Old Faces which you may be familiar with. Also this year saw Doggett drop a handful of singles and these being Mr David, Part Time Friends, Lizard Lady and Searching. Each song being rather impressive and I eagerly anticipate the debut album.

Anyhow Laura announced the New Moon tour which consisting of three dates over the space of three months to coincide with the full moon. The set showcased 10 spectacular tunes that were each delivered to perfection. Things kicked off at 10pm and the tune which she opened up with was Phoenix. Now this was a trance like  tune which sounded rather haunting. Laura’s sultry vocal tones were extremely slick and the smoothness of the lyrics left me hooked. Full Moon Monday was next up and Doggett took to the keyboard for this captivating number. This was a perfectly written song and the vocal performance was simply flawless. Now this upbeat tune left me hypnotised and the vocals sent shivers up my spine “If you ever feel Extra Terrestrial/ Cold mist descends, mist descends/ It’s a Full Moon Monday/ Come with me”. Taken from EP  Into The Glass it was then time for Beautiful Undone.  Delivered with plenty of gusto the twinkling of the keys gave this magical cut that spellbinding feel. Laura Doggett came off the keyboard for this delightful song and musical partner Ben played the keyboard. Faultlessly delivered this charming cut was out of this world. Moving back to the keys it was then onto the oldie which was Moonshine. The powerful vocals were extremely haunting and gave me goosebumps. Anyways this delectable tune was a mixture of folk and RnB which worked wonders. Infact this was the first ever Laura Doggett song released back in 2014. Mr David was about a stranger she met when she moved to London. After giving her the whole spiel Doggett gave him enough money to get home. Anyhow this was an exquisite number which rendered me speechless. She literally gave it her all and this whimsical well crafted tune. Part Time Friends was an enchanting sulty jam which easily captured my full attention. Out of all the 10 songs performed this one was one which stood out. Cover Me left me speechless, delivered at a soothing pace this tune reminded me of Laura Marling. Oozing plenty of power Cover Me was a piece of pure perfection and I hope it does feature on the debut album.

It was then time for some Old Faces. This tune featured during the adverts to ITV’s Broadchurch Series 2. Now this was a magical tune which sent shivers down my spine. Old Faces was a beautiful epic which was slightly emotional at the same time. Other than being completely hypnotic Laura Doggett delivered this faultlessly. When Laura sings the line “Small town laid to rest” reminds me of the line “Hello, from the other side” from Adele’s Hello. Lizard Lady was about an old lady with dementia who sat outside all day because she likes the company and the people who passed by were cold. “It’s about how we are with each other” she then said before getting stuck into this tender song.The splendid lyrics were rather honest and Laura’s vocals were impeccable. The curtain closer was Language Of My Heart. I have to say this number was incredible plus it left me hooked. Now this superb song was both upbeat and it was one which can easily have you moving.


Fall Moon Monday
Beautiful Undone
Mr David
Pat Time Friends
Cover Me
Old Faces
Lizard Lady
Language Of My Heart

OVERALL: Laura Doggett has that something special and I’m glad she’s back touring. Yes it may only be three shows to mark the full moon (Doggett mentioned that she feels she gets plenty of energy from full moons) but I’m positive there will be more on the horizon.

The material showcased was top notch, each song showcased her wondrous songwriting skills. Also the sultry vocals were extraordinary. I for one cannot wait for the debut album.


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