Saint Adeline: Saint Adeline EP Preview



October 2015 saw the birth of Saint Adeline. Coming all the way from New York City this three piece consist of siblings Drew, Kasie and Chloe Gasparini. They sing wonderful dream folk/ country tunes which are well and truly magical. Prior to the creation of Saint Adeline each sibling had their individual career. Drew has enjoyed success as a Broadway composer, Kasie as an actress and then Chloe as a solo artist. Hearing You’re Not Gonna Be The One left me hooked. I then listened to the rest of the material on their Soundcloud page and songs such as Jumpstart, My Darlin’, Ain’t That Something, Fight For It and Mother didn’t disappoint. They truly do have something as each tune was ever so blissful. The vocals are literally phenomenal and their songwriting skills are impeccable.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear this whimsical 6 track mini album and I have to say my mind was literally blown. This debut effort was produced by their unofficial fourth member, Justin Golder, at The Bunker Studio, Strange Weather Studio and The Butter Lounge in Brooklyn, NY. It will be released on 19th September and they will launch this record by performing at Joe’s Bar in New York. The moment this mini album appears on iTunes, I’ll be all over it. From what I’ve heard I could quite easily stick it on repeat.

Jumpstart: Opening up this sumptuous 6 track EP was the trios first single. Jumpstart was a cute cut with a sublime lyrical delivery which literally uplifted me. Chloe’s vocals were literally on point and the harmonies were out of this world. Oozing plenty of folk pop vibes this rollercoaster ride was about reclaiming control of one’s life narrative after a negative experience. Anyhow Jumpstart was a slice of perfection, this had been well crafted leaving me utterly hooked in the process.

Status Quo: Having heard the Saint Adeline in the Studio Soundcloud playlist the majority of this record I’d already heard. Status Quo isn’t one of those tunes featured on that page. This number was simply mind blowing, whereas Chloe sings the majority of this EP it is Drew whom takes the lead. Everything about this was simply superb, Drew’s vocals were rather hypnotising giving Status Quo that edgy feel and then there were the luscious harmonies. All in all this song had been well pieced together because listening to it for the first time left me completely mesmerised.

Fight For It: Where do I start, this song was a right fire cracker and the vocals were extraordinary. Just hearing this for the very first time left me well and truly entranced. Just like Status Quo there was that edgy feel plus Fight For It felt like an anthem “I’m not giving it up/ So Fight For It/ Nothing without/ Fight For It all”. Smothered with plenty of folkish vibes this wondrous cut had been perfectly produced. The verses were vibrant and it was the chorus which had that edgy/ anthem feel. I liked the fact the narrative made me picture a breakdown of a relationship and then being urged to fight if they want it salvaged.

My Darlin’: This was different compared to the other 5 songs on this release and this being the fact Kasie Gasparini took the lead. I have to say her vocals were rather refreshing and stupendous at the same time. The harmonies by both Chloe and Drew infused to Kasie’s vocals perfectly. The story telling lyrics were incredible and on the whole this was a spellbinding cheery cut which put a smile of my face. Also the middle 8 sent shivers up my spine.

You’re Not Gonna Be The One: Sounding like a track from Taylor Swift’s Fearless Era, You’re Not Gonna Be The One was extremely punchy and it radiated plenty of country vibes. Just like Fight For It the chorus was anthem esque and the verses were ever so delicious. Anyhow the lyrics were utter genius and I can vision a relationship that has come to an end because the man isn’t really the perfect gentleman “I found out last night you left with another”. Also this was a song about recognising your own worth, especially when it comes to relationships “You lost me and that was a big mistake”.

Mother: This tasty self titled EP ends with this classy cut. Just like Status Quo Drew takes this lead whilst Chloe (who also had her own portion) and Kasie bring in the lovely harmonies. I consider this delectable tune to be dream folk and listening to it for the first time left me in a trance. Actually plenty of sadness flowed from this mellowing number as the lyrics told the story of a mother who’s passed on “Silently, I hear you still cry for me/ I hear it all around me”.

OVERALL: I think I have discovered my new band crush. Saint Adeline are a force to be reckoned with and these featured 6 tunes were pure bliss. I may have a fondness for You’re Not Gonna Be The One but the likes of My Darlin’, Fight For It and Mother left me completely captivated. I have to say the vocal delivery was impeccable and the songwriting skills were insane. Drew, Chloe and Kasie are onto a good thing, this self titled EP is a work of art and I for one cannot wait for their next move.

The Saint Adeline EP will be released on 19th September and they will launch this record by performing at Joe’s Bar in New York.

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