Daily Dig: Saint Adeline


The three piece Saint Adeline consist of siblings Drew, Kasie and Chloe Gasparini. Based in New York City this trio sing a combination of folk and pop which works wonders.These siblings then came together in October 2015 and Saint Adeline was born. 19th September sees the release of the debut self titled EP. This will be released on the Funky Butter Productions imprint and from what I’ve heard this mini album will be incredible.

Despite Saint Adeline being new on the music scene, each sibling has enjoyed success in their independent careers. Drew has enjoyed success as a Broadway composer, Kasie as an actress and then Chloe as a solo artist. It is plain to see that they have a passion for music. Their influences include artists such as Johnny Cash, Nickel Creek, Lady Antebellum, Jason Mraz, Ingrid Michaelson and Haim and genres such as folk, R&B, rock, pop, funk and hip hop.

Saint Adeline’s first EP was produced by Justin Goldner, the band’s unofficial fourth member at The Bunker Studio, Strange Weather Studio and The Butter Lounge in Brooklyn. At this moment two singles have been released and these being Jumpstart and the sublime You’re Not Gonna Be The One. I’m actually eagerly awaiting for this delicious EP to drop and they will launch this record by performing at Joe’s Bar in New York. 

Jumpstart: This tasty tune was released at the beginning of August. Oozing plenty of folk pop vibes the uplifting Jumpstart had me smiling all throughout. Now this song was a slice of pure perfection, the vocals were pristine and the harmonies were superb. This cutesy cut is about reclaiming control of one’s life narrative after a negative experience. All in all the bright and breezy Jumpstart was a highly addictive jam aided by a stellar vocal performance by Chloe.

You’re Not Gonna Be The One: This is the 2nd single from Saint Adeline and all I can say is WOW. Just hearing this rendered me speechless and makes me wish that the EP was with me right now. If you want to hear the exclusive premiere you can head over to The Boot NOW. Well I managed to get my hands on a private stream and You’re Not Gonna Be The One is all sorts of amazing. The style was country rock which reminded me of Taylor Swift during the Fearless era. Now the verses were extremely vibrant and the compelling chorus had an anthem esque feel to it. Lyricswise this was sheer genius as the narrative made me picture a troubled relationship which had come to its end “Coz you lost me and that was a big mistake”. You’re Not Gonna Be The One was a song about recognising your own worth, especially when it comes to relationships.

You can purchase these two singles from iTunes

To sum things up Saint Adeline are a three piece whom leave me greatly intrigued. The material out there at the moment only heightens my desire to hear more. Both Jumpstart + You’re Not Gonna Be The One ooze plenty of promise and I can tell that the self titled EP will be a complete cracker. Even the Saint Adeline In The Studio playlist on Soundcloud has me excited (Ain’t That Something is out of this world).

Now these siblings have something incredibly special not only are they talented singers but they are exquisite songwriters. The infusion of their vocals send shivers up my spine plus the harmonies were ever so tight.

Official Site


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