Daily Dig: Katie Buxton


Phillidelphia’s very own Katie Buxton is a sensational indie folk singer/ songwriter whom I’ve fallen in love with. Now based in Nashville Buxton has already released the sublime 4 track From Songbirds EP and most recently the brand new single You Flew. Just listening to Katie’s tunes struck a chord with me because I well and truly appreciate the genre of music she sings.

Now Katie has quite the background. At the age of 12 she picked up the guitar and wrote her own song. 2012 she was chosen as a finalist in the Sing for the Trees Songwriting Contest with her own composition The World Moves By. Summer 2013, Katie attended the Berklee Five Week Performance Program where she was a finalist in the Songwriting Showcase and received mentorship from Melissa Ferrick and Sally Taylor (daughter of James Taylor). Then in 2015 that’s when she moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University as a songwriting major. Katie was then invited to join Bear House Writers Management plus she was one of eight to play in the ASCAP Writers Showcase in the Fall/ Autumn that year. Then this very year Katie Buxton she was chosen as a finalist in the American Songwriting Awards with yet another original and this being Painted Hearts.

18th March 2016 saw Katie give birth to her debut EP. Consisting of 4 impeccable tunes, From Songbirds was a true piece of perfection. From having this on constant loop it’s plain to see that Buxton has the gift for writing her own material. She may be completely independent, but having listened to the material currently on the Soundcloud page I can tell music is something Katie Buxton is extremely passionate about.

Light From Love: Opening up the From Songbirds EP was this number which was a breath of fresh air. Now I found Light Is Love to be a beautiful song with polished off lyrics which left me smiling all throughout “Hate is born from hate/ Light is born from love”. There was a sweetness to Katie’s vocal range and the melody was ever so mellowing.To sum it up the charming Light Is Love was an exceptional effort leaving entranced in the process.

Happen Like This: Delivered at a fast pace was this captivating cut. Happen Like This was a cheery number which uplifted my spirits. Buxton’s vocals were on point and the mesmerising lyrics had me hooked. There was a bubble gum pop feel to this whimsical number. Along with the vibrant verses Happen Like This was an adorable tune and it’s my favourite from this EP. Also the from the playlist on the Soundcloud an acapella version features. Lasting for 75 seconds this short snippet of the original version made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Painted Hearts: .Oozing plenty of strong folk vibes the slow but steady paced Painted Hearts is a tune which does grow on you. Everything about this tune was spot on, Katie’s songwriting skills for Painted Hearts was sheer genius. All in all I was left completely engrossed when listening to this compelling cut.

Journey Home: Ending this sumptuous EP you had this top notch song. On my first play of Journey Home I could pick up on country esque vibes. Now this was a bright and breezy number with an exquisite cheery vocal delivery. The lyrics sunk their claws into me plus from hearing this I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

You can purchase this EP and You Flew from iTunes

You Flew: Recorded and mixed by Sal Oliveri and mastered by Luke Gilfeather was this sensational cut. “The song is about caring deeply for someone who is not ready to love or be loved and runs out of fear, and focuses especially on the process of learning to let go” Katie says of this delightful tune. You Flew was both beautiful/ tender plus plenty of folk vibes radiated from the lyrics. Actually I found this to be really gentle on the ear and whenever I listen to this song I’m reminded of Laura Marling.

Buxton’s vocals were extraordinary and the lyrics showed that this was a well written masterpiece. The mellowing You Flew left me in a daze, it may have been moving but the whole production tells me that Katie Buxton is a bright spark.

Official Website



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