Twinnie @ Hackney Central Space 25th August 2016



Performing for Sofar Sessions was Twinnie Lee Moore. I was fortunate to score a ticket for this magical event. Hackney Central Space hosted this impeccable gig and the venue was rather unique. It actually doubles up as the yoga studio Yoga Lab and then you have the beauty salon Beaut Box.

Aside from all of that Twinnie Lee Moore has something incredibly special, she’s not only a talented actress but she’s a sensational singer/ songwriter. I first became aware of Moore when she graced my television screen I also knew of the connection to The Shires. The Green Note EP which featured Black & White which she co wrote with Ben Earle was released the very day she made her debut on Hollyoaks. 2016 saw Twinnie launch her debut self titled EP which oozed plenty of country vibes. Having been hooked on the material currently out there, Twinnie Lee Moore’s future in the music industry is shining ever so bright.

The first person to play was indeed Twinnie and her guitarist Ben. What made this performance so breath taking was the fact it was complete acapella. Moore’s vocals were put into the spotlight and she delivered each tune with plenty of gusto. Well after having witnessed Shura play Sofar in July, each artist get a 20 minute slot which basically consist of 4 songs. Considering the Twinnie EP is 4 tunes the set was pretty predictable. The current single Home opened up the short but sweet set. Flowing plenty of delicious country vibes this upbeat stripped back number was a joy to behold. With the use of no microphone the vocals were on show. Moore’s vocals were ever so exquisite leaving me hypnotised. Looking Out For You was up next. I literally adored this number, Looking Out For You is a sweet cut with honest lyrics reminiscing her early youth spent with her Grandad. This showcased Moore’s startling songwriting skills which offered a beautiful narrative. I must say this entrancing cut did tug on my heartstrings. Following on it was then time for Lie To Me. This was an emotional ballad which Twinnie delivered to perfection. The whimsical vocal delivery left me enthralled, the verses were rather vibrant and the middle 8 was extremely delectable. All in all Lie To Me was really spellbinding and Moore put everything she had into compelling cut. Things wrapped up with the first song Twinnie released and this being Cool. Now I found this charming tune to be highly contagious. The lyrics were utter genius and the stripped back melody was rather mellowing. Cool was a piece of refreshing Americana/ Country which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Twinnie Lee Moore has written something that’s truly incredible. Now this song was a toe tapping jam but with everyone sitting down resulted in plenty of claps infusing to the beat.


Looking Out For You
Lie To Me

OVERALL: Twinnie Lee Moore has something incredibly special. The 4 songs performed were a work of art. Just hearing them live again was a right treat, having Twinnie perform the whole set as an acapella was mind blowing. Yes this Sofar Session was an intimate affair but whenever I witness something performed without the aid of a microphone sends shivers down my spine.


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