Daily Dig: Sonny Mackenzi

Born in Colorado but now living in Atlanta is the exceptional Sonny Mackenzi. I’ve listened to a handful of tracks and I’m impressed. Sonny is an undiscovered gem and she has the means to go far. Having put aside her successful career as a fashion model while still a teenager Sonny headed to Los Angeles to pursue the dream of singing, writing and performing which she’s had since the age of three. Things do not end there though, Mackenzi is also a novel writer and an actress as well.

Signed to the Main Attraction Music imprint Sonny is gearing up to release her debut EP. Despite having no official release date Sonny is hard at work in her adopted Atlanta home, working on dance routines and perfecting her newfound piano playing skills to create a dynamic live show that will wow audiences. This untitled 4 track EP will be made available digitally through TuneCore and it’s something that is a must have on my iPod.

New Crush maybe the debut single but it wasn’t the first time Sonny launched an assault on the music market. Way back in 2013 Sonny was known as Madison Kiss and she released two songs.

Shoulda Never: Released back in 2013 Shoulda Never was an edgy pop anthem. On my first listen I thought this could be a ballad because of the enchanting keys that opened things up. After the whole melody morphed into an upbeat rollercoaster ride. The feisty lyrics tell the story of how Madison dated a guy despite hr friends reservations. Her friends were right and she is a woman scorn and someone not to be messed with. Basically this guy already had someone nd when Madison realised she then took ot her revenge. The vocals were pure perfection and you could pick up on the venom flowing from them “You little b*tch I knew/ I Shoulda Never loved you”.

Love Makes Me Stupid: The 2nd and final single by Madison Kiss came in the form of this delectable number. Sweetly delivered this song was packed with plenty of emotion. It is like Love Makes Me Stupid is the follow up to the story Shoulda Never told. Well this had been perfectly crafted and left me in a dream like state at the same time. The lyrics are extremely relatable and being in love can make you stupid If you’re in love and in a relationship that’s not working out it will always be hard to let go.

New Crush: 29th July saw this tasty tune hit the digital marketplaces. Having released two singles as Madison Kiss, Sonny was back and this time the music produced will be under her own name. On my first listen I was left bowed over. New Crush was sun drenched R&B aided by a smooth vocal delivery. Co-written by Hot Chelle Rae’s Nash Overstreet and RCA recording artist Kiana Brown, star of MTV’s Scream, “New Crush” was produced in L.A. by Craig King [Kanye West, Ludacris]. It was a spirited ode to first love and I found it to be a refreshing cut aided by Sonny’s sweet sounding vocals. The hypnotising feel good New Crush never fails to make me smile.

From what I’ve heard so far Sonny Mackenzi is a fresh new talent whom leaves me intrigued for her future endeavors. The style of both Madison Kiss and Mackenzi were ever so different. The Madison Kiss songs were both edgy and feisty whilst Sonny’s New Crush was so blissful. I’m actually anticipating the debut 4 track EP because I can tell it will be too incredible for words.

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