Introducing: Beauty Sleep


Let me introduce you to a band who are close to home. This terrific export come all the way from Belfast and this being the 3 piece Beauty Sleep. Consisting of Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson, this trio ooze plenty of promise. They actually formed after having met at a party. The two tunes out there are literally incredible, making me anticipate the prospect of hearing more original material in the future .

The Dark: Released this February was this exceptional record. Third Bar Records was the label and this tune is a right cracker. Smothered in plenty of glistening synths The Dark was an enchanting cut. Oozing plenty of synth pop vibes this tune sounded like a cross between Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club. Both Ryan and Cheylene were the vocalists on this classy cut and I must say those vocals mellowed me out. All in all this tune left me completely mesmerised.

Living Right: Tomorrow sees the release of this gorgeous tune. Basically this was hazy dream pop through and through. The vocals were rather gentle and just listening to this tune had me hypnotised. Packed with fuzzy synths and plenty of gorgeous hooks, Living Right was a song which captured my attention. Those blissful vocals were smooth like butter.

To sum things up, Beauty Sleep have a promising future. I for one want to hear more from them having heard both The Dark and Living Right. Also I have to say that they are incredible songwriters as well.

Anyhow I do relish the day when I finally get the chance to witness them live. When that would be I do not know as the recent live dates have been based in Belfast. Still I look forward to the day when they branch out and play dates in the UK. Come to think about it Brighton’s very own May festival The Great Escape would be ideal because it mainly focuses on brand new acts from all over the world.

The Dark and Living Right are available on iTunes

Official Site


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