Effie Liu: Magenta Agenda EP Preview



Released tomorrow (19th August) is the brand new EP by Brooklyn based singer/ songwriter Effie Liu. I must say this is one phenomenal debut compromising of 7 gorgeous songs. Having grown up wishing that the suburbs of San Francisco were as culturally innovative as they are in technology, Liu decamped to LA to study fashion before landing in New York City. After a year-long stint performing with the 80s pop-inspired indie darlings French Horn Rebellion, she’s making a statement that’s all her own. On her upcoming debut EP, Magenta Agenda, the Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter delivers a pink-hued pop manifesto teeming with perfect late- summer jams. “The theme of my new work is recognizing conflict and being a survivor of that,” Effie describes. “Sometimes that’s as simple as ‘You’re telling me to be something I’m not, so fuck you'”.

Liu’s most distinguishing feature has to be her bright Magenta hair. Anyhow the style of the 7 cuts featured are perfectly pop with an added reggae influence. Currently being streamed her Soundcloud page, this mini album is a upbeat blissful effort which left me completely fascinated.

Best Side kicked off this incredible debut. This terrific tune opened up with a mellowing calypso tinged introduction then Liu came in with her fantastic vocals. Now Best Side was a mixture of pop meets reggae. You could actually see this as an infectious upbeat jam. Everything about this was pure perfection, the bubbly lyrics were rather refreshing and then that upbeat melody left me entranced. I can actually see traces of Rihanna throughout this song. Tears 4 U was a spectacular song aided by an incredible vocal delivery. In fact it was an upbeat reggae jam which had been perfectly crafted. On my first play Tears 4 U had me completely hooked and the thumping beats can easily have you moving. Devil On My Shoulder was pure pop, the lyrics hypnotised me and this song had an anthem like feel to it. El Camino was interesting because this number had a chilled out vibe to it. Now the sun blushed lyrics were incredible sweet and made me envision a hot summers day. The highlight for me had to be the upbeat chorus. Steel drums were played throughout Games giving this delectable cut that calypso feel. This was the perfect infusion of pop meets r&b. Faultlessly delivered Games was a light fluffy track which resulted with me smiling from beginning to end. The whole vocal delivery reminded me of MØ. Getaway was mesmerising electronica plus there were elements of reggae. Now the sleek lyrics were incredibly upbeat and the vocals were on point. I must say Getaway left me completely spellbound. I could actually pick up on traces of Charli XCX throughout this stupendous song. Shakedown addressed the struggle of overcoming psychological abuse in a relationship. All in all this track ended what had been an extraordinary EP.

You can purchase Magenta Agenda from iTunes

OVERALL: Magenta Agenda was an exceptional effort consisting of 7 shimmering tracks. Each being a complete cracker, whilst I adored every cut my personal favourite had to be the sun blushed El Camino.

With delicious hooks and captivating chorus’s the Magenta Agenda EP was a work of art. As I previously mentioned there were shades of Rihanna which resulted in impeccable numbers. Effie really is a startling songwriter and I look forward to seeing/ hearing what the future may hold.

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