The Retrospective: Liz – LIZ EP Review


Two months ago I wrote up about an outstanding singer/ songwriter and this being Elizabeth Abrams or Liz as she’s also known as. She first came to my attention after I heard When I Rule The World for the very first time. I would place her music in the bubble gum pop category. After being hooked on the music which she had underneath her belt I was lucky enough to see Liz support K Stewart back in May. Now the set performed left me utterly enticed with the need to hear more.

Signed to Mad Decent/ Columbia Records this talented American first made her appearance by releasing the LIZ EP back in 2013. Now this 8 track mini album had 3 singles lifted from it and these being XTC, Hush and Day N’ Nite. Then you had the likes of Every Memory and Underdogs which appeared as B sides. Anyhow this debut EP was only made to purchase through the Mad Decent website or you could pick one up at Liz’s shows.

XTC: Opening up this EP was the wonderful XTC. It was actually a slick R&B jam which left me completely entranced. The melody was rather relaxing whilst Elizabeth’s fresh sounding vocals were extremely sweet. XTC was a dream like cut with sexual mesmerising lyrics. Within my minds eye this tune tells the story of a loving couple and their first time “Lay down/ Time that I do it your way/ Hush boy, you ain’t gotta make a sound/ Come on baby/ Put it here boy, don’t be scared/ ‘Bout to get up in your head tonight/ Play me like an X-Box/ It’s your call of duty/ Tear down these walls/ Or you can play me like a PS3/ Control all my levels/ Turn me up, put it down/ Drop your guard, boy”. On the whole this had been well crafted as this delicious cut left me completely captivated.

Hush: This whimsical number was the only song on this EP that received an official video. Smothered with plenty of R&B vibes, Hush was a chilled out tune along with fresh catchy lyrics. Abrams’s vocals were on point leaving me enchanted. Hush had been crafted to perfection hypnotising me in the process. Whilst I liked the verses my highlight hd to been the smooth refreshing chorus “Hey, hush up now/ Hey, take me down/ Boy, I’ll play for your team/ Keep on the low/ I’ll let you win if you/ Hush about the score/ Hey, shut up now/ Hey, do it right now/ I’ll throw the game for you/ Keep it on the low/ I’ll let you win if you/ Hush about the score”.

Stop Me Cold: The pacey Stop Me Cold was an infectious cut with trance like lyrics. The whole melody was slightly uplifting and it made me want to jump up and down. Elizabeth’s vocals were exquisite and this had been well crafted. Stop Me Cold was a mixture of sleek R&B and pop which was a fantastic pairing.

U Over Them: This was a fluffy R&B/ pop tune with a chilled out upbeat vocal delivery. Actually I found U Over Them to be rather dreamy with a hypnosising video featuring the likes of Pokemon, Care Bears, Hello Kitty,  My Little Pony, Justin Timberlake, a donkey falling in love with a unicorn, Ja Rule and Ashanti. Those features were in fact the perfect throwback. Still this was a cute track aided by Liz’s charming vocals which left me with a smile on my face from beginning to end.

Every Memory: First thing first Abrams has a voice of angel and secondly this whole EP was drenched with plenty of R&B vibes. Originally appearing as the B side to Hush, Every Memory was a relaxing tune with lyrics which left me completely captivated. Other than the delightful verses you had the delectable chorus “I don’t wanna wait for you/ But I can’t let us wash away/ My heart is still riding through/ Lovin’ every memory of you/ If I could feel you need me/ The way you did/ Or if I could see it in your eyes/ I don’t wanna wait for you/ But my heart’ still/ Lovin’ every memory of you”.

Horoscope: First of all Liz’s vocals were sweet like honey mesmerising me in the process. I found this to be chilled out R&B and those lyrics were a work of art. Everything about Horoscope was pure genius, the lyrics were mellowing/ captivating and the melody was extremely soothing. When I first listened to this entrancing jam the melody reminded me of R Kelly’s Bump N Grind.

Day N’ Nite: This song was a collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth and I found it to be literally incredible. Now Ryan is a Canadian music producer who has released two albums. The only vocals on this record are Liz’s and I have to say I was literally bowled over when I heard this for the first time. The melody is so smooth and Abrams’s bright and breezy sun blushed vocals were pristine. Regarding the lyrics, when I heard this I was literally hooked “Day N’ Night/ I know what to do/ You’re always on my mind/ Dreaming of you/ It feels so right/ But I know that it’s wrong/ That I know I gotta manage to leave you alone”.

Underdogs: Featuring RiFF RAFF this number was extremely different as it was a mixture of rap meets pop. LIZ’s rap parts actually reminded me of Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Other that the rap parts Abrams’s fresh and funky vocals were sweet like honey. Underdogs was an upbeat jam aided by lyrics which had me hooked when I heard it “Later on you’ll say you knew me/ But you’re not my homie, you’re just a ho/ You’ll ride my shiny pony/ But guess what, bitch/ I’m a unicorn”.

OVERALL: This was an incredible debut EP, I can quite easily stick the LIZ EP on constant repeat because the 8 songs that featured are truly delectable. It is tough just picking a favourite because they are all incredibe. But if I was to pick one it would be Day N’ Nite closely followed by U Over Them. Come to think about it both Hush and XTC are incredible as well.

Elizabeth definitely does have the gift at writing killer songs (she started to write at the age of 13) and I do see a bright future ahead of her. Whilst her performance last May was her first UK appearance, I regret not cottoning onto her earlier. LIZ actually featured on Hourglass which opened up Zedd’s album Clarity in 2012.

The following year would see the release of the sophomore and this being Just Like You.


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