Daily Dig: Gonzalla


Originally from Huntington Beach, CA., Gonzalla lived in Liverpool, England for four years where he perfected and cultivated his music style and songwriting. While in Liverpool, Gonzalla was able to work alongside some of the best musicians in the world. Working alongside a diverse group of gifted musicians led to the unique blend of English pop, Norwegian folk and California indie that has become his signature sound. It was on a trip back from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom when the concept for Gonzalla took root.

Now Gonzalla is the brainchild of Cody Randall and I would describe the material he has out there at the moment being a refreshing blend of folk meets pop. He has worked with artists such as Dan Croll, Ady Suleiman, Rhodes and many others.

At this very moment in time there are 4 tunes on the official Soundcloud and each of them is sheer bliss. Cody is not only an impeccable singer but he’s an incredible songwriter who’s definitely onto a good thing.

Never Gonna Go: Out of the 4 songs on Gonzalla’s Soundcloud Never Gonna Go is the oldest. In an interview Randall mentioned that he wrote this before he moved to England. This bright and breezy duet was a wondrous tune which completely captivated me. Everything about NGG was spot on, the melody was refreshing and the smooth like butter vocals were exquisite. I could pick up on enchanting folk vibes reminiscent to Ed Sheeran. Also I must mention the soft/ gentle vocals from Mari Hajem were magical.

Come On Hun: 3rd February 2016 saw the release of the debut single by Gonzalla. Completely independent this tune oozed plenty of promise. I really liked this cut, the lyrics were hypnotic and Gonzalla’s vocals were extremely smooth. Now this tasty track resonated plenty of indie pop vibes and reminded me of an early Vampire Weekend. This had been written to perfection as I found the sleek mesmerising lyrics to be rather sweet.

Heart: Just like Never Gonna Go this was another stunning duet. The harmonising by Nora Konstanse was simply sublime. Flowing plenty of folk vibes Heart was a delightful sun blushed song aided by lyrics which left me utterly engrossed. There was a slight complexity about this number as Cody sang about falling in love on holiday but there’s a distance between them both when they both get to their respective homes. On the whole I adored this number because the sweet lyrics captured my imagination.

We Still Run: We now get onto the most recent Gonzalla single and it comes in the form of this outstanding tune. Everything about this was extraordinary, the sun blushed lyrics were a breath of fresh air hypnotising me at the same time. Having been well crafted, the uptempo We Still Run left me completely captivated plus the blissful chorus reminded me of Of Monsters And Men.

Recently this delicious tune received a remix by British producer Cobble. I must say this is completely different compared to the original. Firstly the Cobble remix was a down tempo funky jam with electronic beats that left me hooked. It actually sounded like a cross between Avicii and Major Lazer

You can purchase Gonzalla’s music from iTunes just search Gonzalla and if it’s available in your country you can therefore purchase.

Official Site


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