Emerging Singer/ Songwriter Whitney Tai Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Create A Music Video For Sunfreakz Dance Track Truth Be Told

Coming all the way from New York is the incredible Whitney Tai. Just hearing Falling and Forever left me completely hooked. Having been engrossed with those two songs I then researched Whitney’s background and came across the stunning debut EP Metamorphosis which was packed with 7 startling songs.

Whilst I’m not reviewing anything now I would like to mention that Whitney along with Belgian producer Sunfreakz have launched an Indiegogo campaign. Now Indiegogo is the equivalent to both PledgeMusic and Kickstarter where you pledge for certain perks.

Sunfreakz is no stranger to Tai as she wrote and produced the debut EP Metamorphosis with him. This campaign was set up to raise funds so that they can create a music video for the dance inspired song Truth Be Told. Whilst I’ve not heard this tune, the snippets from the video embedded on the funding page only makes me wish that the target is reached.

This campaign is to raise crucial funds to create an incredible piece of film by a team who strives to bring only the best quality visuals to their audience. The Truth Be Told music video needs your help to allow for the tools that will let us achieve quality filming, props, stylists, makeup, lighting and final video production. We want you to share in the dream of making our vision come alive. Assist us to continually provide creative expression that materializes the musical language.

Now onto the main part this campaign has a target of $8000 and at the time of writing the total raised stands at $150. This target is flexible and is set to close within a month. The money raised will go towards items such as: Camera equipment, lighting equipment, special lenses, car rentals, room/space rentals, film assistants, travel fees, fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, editing/production, time and labor of all people involved.

I’ve studied media and I know renting out camera equipment, lights and lenses can be rather pricey. Regarding the perks of this campaign there are 3 tiers:

For $25 dollars donated, the first 15 people will receive a special contributor thank you credit in the music video as a token of our appreciation.

For $100 dollars donated, you will receive a t-shirt or poster designed by Whitney Tai and Sunfreakz.

Any contributions above $100 will receive a surprise gift from the music team as a humble and grateful thanks for allowing our project to blossom.

If this campaign surpasses $8000 any funds left over will be planned to be put towards the hiring, recording and mixing of a professional string quartet for Whitney Tai’s new ballad. Trust me having a string quartet is absolutely magical.

If you could donate, however little or alot it is I know for sure Whitney would appreciate it from the bottom of her heart. Some people may not be able to donate, if you are one of those people then just spreading the word goes a long long way.

Lets get this music video funded.

Click HERE for the Indiegogo campaign


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