GIRLI @ Upstairs At The Garage 12th July 2016


The voice behind GIRLI is 18 year old Milly Toomey. I became hooked on Milly’s music last November after hearing So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya? The lyrics were sheer brilliance and the chorus has embedded itself into my head. So this January I witnessed GIRLI for the very first time at the Old Blue Last and the genre of her music is Bubblegum Pop/ Rap which is a delightful concoction. After that show I was to shy to say hi because the fierceness songs such as Fuck Off Back To LA and So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya? gave off the persona that she’s not someone to be messed with. Plus even if I did say something I would most likely be lost for words. I finally met Milly for the first time at The Great Escape as she was there along with Rosalie “DJ Kitty” Fountain watching KLOE play an acoustic set. I have to say she’s such a wonderful person.

Fast forward to 12th July, Toomey was playing at Upstairs At The Garage in Islington. The show was a complete sell out and it was the first where it has been 14+. I’ve been to this venue quite a few times and the performance that sticks out the most would be Marina And The Diamonds back in 2009. I arrived at the 150 capacity venue at 3.30pm expecting people to be queuing as the age limit had been lowered to 14+ plus.


Anyhow the set started around 9.40pm both Milly and Rosie took to the stage staggering whilst wearing grey wigs. Seconds later they both tore them off before Toomey got stuck into the phenomenal ASBOys. Now this went down well with the audience as everyone was singing along to every single word. Everything about this tune was spot on, the lyrics were rather punchy and infectious at the same time. So much energy was put into this, the upbeat verses were superb and the chorus was fantastic “Coz you’re an asboy/ Through and through/ Boris bikes allude you/ Council flats and beds for two/ Shooting up and sniffing glue”. This song paints the picture of the stereotypical London bad boy who does drugs and is the wrong side of the law. “My name is GIRLI, this is DJ Kitty. How are you? You guys having fun so far? You sure you’re not having Too Much Fun” Toomey said before getting stuck into Too Much Fun. This tune is literally a luscious mixture of Pop meets Rap. The delectable verses were sung at a fast pace whilst I found the smooth club like chorus to be rather hypnotisising “In my dream you take me to the side/ In my dream you say you’ve got feelings you can’t hide/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes/ In my dream you call me come and chill at mine/ In my dream it’s me and you all of the time/ I wish one day my dream could be in real life/ Coz in my dream I never wanna close my eyes”. All in all this was tasty tune painting the picture of a wild night out.


“There’s someone very special here tonight, my little sister. She’s in the crowd somewhere, she’s really little. She’s like me but she’s like prettier and cooler” Milly then mentioned to the intimate audience. The next song Milly Toomey wrote for her sister Nell as it’s about all the things she will see in the coming years as she’s just about to become a teenager. Anyhow the tune was called Note To My Sis and I’m in love with this number. A studio version is something I need right now. Note To My Sis is a sugary pop/ rap cut with mesmerising lyrics “I know school is weird/ I know they take the piss/ I know you don’t believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to freak about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this/ I know it’s pointless, to talk about it/ Believe me when I say you’ll miss this”. The song itself had been written to perfection and I found those warm fuzzy lyrics to be rather cute.


It was then time for Girls Get Angry Too and this being a fierce rap esque cut which was utterly contagious. Delivered at a fast pace this number was delivered to perfection. Actually this was feisty and Milly warned everyone not to call her super cute “Don’t tell me that i’m super cute/ I’m a samurai princess/ I’ll smash you”. From having heard this song and the three previous Toomey is a sassy songstress who has the ability to create utter masterpieces. “I turned 18 in December and I felt quite sad about it. Coz I missed my fake ID alot. Me and that thing had a relationship going. For my 18th birthday I had a party. If you were at that party you would of noticed I drunk 4 bottles of champagne and passed out. Maybe I drank more than that. I passed out and I vomited alot. The point of this story is that a week after that I wrote a song about that party” Toomey said before the latest GIRLI offering and this being It Was My Party Last Night. Now this was straight to the point and as Milly mentioned every lyric was 100% true. Anyways this was a fun filled bubble gum pop with delectable lyrics which sunk there claws into me. The chorus was extremely light and uplifting, the whole reason why Milly vomited may be due to the fact she mixed her drinks. For the last portion Milly went into the audience and then finished this tasty tune to perfection. “Who here has parents that tell them what to do all the time. I have a friend, she’s one of my best friends, she couldn’t be here tonight but her little sister’s in the crowd. I wrote this about her and her parents because she lets them boss her around to much” Milly Toomey said before singing Embarrass Yourself. Now this was the first time hearing this luscious song live and the lyrics were utter genius. Embarrass Yourself was a dreamy pop/ rap cut which told the story of overprotective parents “Don’t text Dada/ When he wants to know where you are are”. Meshed to the ending you had Girl I Met On The Internet which Milly wrote about meeting a girl on the internet. Anyways this was ever so blissful aided by smooth dreamy vocals. The whole melody had me swaying on the spot. This cut comes from Milly’s perspective “Oh it will happen like it does in the shows/ I like her eyes and she’ll like my clothes/ Ask for her digits and I start to sweat/ She’ll become the Girl I Met On The Internet”. It was then time for a song about an asshole from Los Angeles and the said song being Fuck Off Back To L.A. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this song had story telling lyrics which saw Milly’s partner tell her he had a girlfriend. Whilst the verses were rap fuelled the chorus was sugary mellowing bubble gum pop “I hope she gives you love/ Like the groupies do/ I hope she gives you love/ Now I’m thinking Fuck You”. This was one massive anthem which involved plenty of jumping up and down on the spot with the middle finger up in the air. “I can see that she likes you/ Like you liked me/ I texted Fuck Off/ Go away/ Fuck right back to L.A”. You will never ever want to fuck with GIRLI because she is one feisty girl.


“Usually the band goes off. I’m not going to that coz I think that’s deception. We’re not doing an encore, this is actually our last song” Milly Toomey said before the stage invasion. After throwing out tampons and condoms it was onto the curtain closer and this being So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya? This was a fierce tune with lyrics that left me utterly enthralled. At first SYTYCFWMDY started off as a ballad then Toomey came in with her infuriating raps. Delivered with plenty of gusto this was the perfect way to end such an epic evening. The chorus was literally unforgettable “Do you know what you’ve got instore/ Maybe soon you’ll know there’s a whole lot more/ Cause I don’t really like you with all that I’m sure/ I think it’s time we need to settle the score/ So you think you can fuck with me do ya/ So you think you could bend the rules/ So you think you could act like a loser”.


Too Much Fun
Note To My Sis
Girls Get Angry Too
It Was My Party Last Night
Embarrass Yourself
Girl I Met On The Internet
Fuck Off Back To L.A
So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?

OVERALL: One word to describe the performance by GIRLI would be intense. Milly definitely has a good thing going and what she currently has underneath her belt makes me anticipate a future EP.



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