Olivia Penalva: Outshine The Stars Single Review


Back in May I was lucky enough to preview the debut EP by Olivia Penalva. Considering she’s a singer/ songwriter who is only 16 is rather impressive. Anyhow the Weightless EP consisted of 6 gorgeous tracks and the closing number Without You made me shed a tear.

Aside from that Olivia has a brand new single and to go along with it you have the official music video. The song in question being Outshine The Stars which had an accompanying lyric video released back in March. Outshine The Stars was an empowering pop song aided by sparkling lyrics. I adored the powerful but emotional message “Turn that whisper into a shout/ Don’t let your light burn out/ Cause you are worth it all/ You’re not invisible/ You are the brightest flame/ I hope you see one day/ Perfect the way you are/ You Outshine The Stars”. This message delivered a feel good message which was saying that even if you are down or have had your heart broken, there is hope and that special someone is out there.

Olivia had this to say about this delightful tune “This song is really special to me. I think people always want to hear about hope and optimism. Life is not always easy and in writing this song I wanted everyone to know that there is hope in life, that no one is alone, and everyone is beautiful, even if it does not always feel that way. So no matter who puts you down, breaks your heart, and makes you think you are forgotten, there is always someone out there who thinks you are perfect and beautiful just as you are. So the best you can do is love yourself!”.

All in all this was a beautiful number that had been crafted to perfection. I adored everything about it and the rich vocals were both distinctive and sticky sweet. Outshine The Stars left me completely entranced and the music video was literally sublime.

You can download Outshine The Stars from iTunes



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