Jonny Carroll: Leaving On The Light Album Review



17th June saw the release of the debut album by Jonny Carroll. “Most of this album was written just after an abandoned wedding engagement, and I found myself wandering the streets of the UK for a couple of winter months trying to make sense of it. The songs are very pop in melody, but folk in narrative”. Coming from Grand Rapids in the USA Leaving On The Light is a delightful record consisting of 7 delightful songs. Now Jonny went from busking in the streets of the UK and Scotland to recording an award-nominated EP. This being The Willow which had been nominated in four categories at the 2014 WYCE Jammie Awards.

Jonny Carroll is an exquisite singer songwriter and if you like me love both folk and pop music then you will adore this mini album. After hearing this for the first time I found Carroll’s vocals to be rather smooth and each song oozed plenty of chilled out vibes.

Painted Jars: Opening up this charming LP was this contagious cut. I must say this was an entrancing song with a magical vocal delivery that were easy on the ear.The swooning Painted Jars had delicious lyrics which contained a dash of sadness “Now the winter’s over you don’t need me close/ It’s all that you could do to try to get me to go/ It’s all that you could do to try to get me to go/  I’m what they call a rambling man/ And if you want me I am gone/ But if my leaving don’t mean a thing/ Then baby I’m coming home”. According to Jonny painted jars make for better urns. Anyhow this was a dreamy track which had been written to perfection.

February: Next up you had this chilled out number that left me completely enthralled. There was actually a dash of country in this captivating cut. Everything about this was spot on, the vocals were soothing and the wonderful lyrics had me hooked “Just remember/ February/ Was the best month of my life”. The whole lightness of the sweet February made me smile from beginning to end.

Leaving On The Light: Jonny says that “Leaving On The Light is about wrestling with fragments of lingering hope for a relationship to somehow heal itself once disbanded, while at the same time trying to become the person you knew you should have been in it”. The first time I heard this tasty tune I was left hypnotised. Leaving On The Light was a delicious folk sounding song which was aided by plenty of punchy lyrics. There was a tinge of sadness as the lyrics mention about a relationship that had ended. Carroll has recently released the lyric video and this beautiful song tells the story of a relationship with the one true love ending and instead of turning to alcohol for comfort the man stays strong.

Sound Of Falling: After the punchiness of Leaving On The Light it was then onto this tremendous tune. Words cannot sum up how amazing this actually was. Firstly the lyrics were superb, secondly Jonny’s vocals were so sweet and thirdly the strums of the guitar and the windchimes made this delicious number ooze plenty of relaxing vibes. This had been well crafted as it left me enthralled. The beautiful Sound Of Falling was ever so gentle which left me in a trance.

When I’m Alive: This was a sumptuous song delivered at a fast pace. When I’m Alive was a piece of perfection which had been well crafted. The infectious chorus oozed plenty of folk rock vibes “You’re gasoline/ And I’m the spark that starts the flame/ It’s never been/ Hard for me to lose the game/ And bridges burn/ Lessons that I’ll never learn/ I’ll blaze until I die/ I’m on fire When I’m Alive”. 

Words Unspoken: Flawlessly delivered Words Unspoken was a steady paced tune which left me relaxed. Like the majority of the songs on this album it dealt with a relationship that had come to it’s  end. “If you ever loved me/ Then just let me down/ And the words that aren’t coming/ Out of you’re mouth/ If you’ve given up hope then/ Baby just let me believe/ If the words aren’t spoken/ Then I don’t have to leave”. The lyrics were smothered with plenty of sadness and it did tug at my heartstrings .

Joshua: This enticing cut ended one hell of a record. Joshua resonated plenty of strong folk vibes and the vocals were silky smooth. Throughout this song you had the ticking of a grandfather clock or it could have been a metronome. Other than the ticking you had the strums of a guitar plus a violin which were perfect additions to this tunes atmosphere. Anyhow this number had been perfectly produced and the lyrics/ vocals left me entranced sending chills up my spine at the same time.

You can purchase Leaving On The Light from iTunes

Official Site


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