Larkin Poe: Reskinned Album Preview



Having released a handful of EPs back in 2010/11 and debut album Kin in 2014, 8th July 2016 sees the release of sophomore LP Reskinned on RH Music. This duo consists of sassy sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. They decided to group together after The Lovell Sisters (which included eldest sister Jessica) disbanded in 2009. Larkin Poe was infact the name of the sisters’ great-great-great-grandfather, who was a distant cousin of Edgar Allan Poe. Having supported the Elvis Costello as well as being hired to be part of his band, Larkin Poe are a duo that have alluded me. Even though the Larkin Poe shows have clashed I definitely do plan to witness these sisters perform live in the future. Actually it was a friend of mine that recommended them to me, I then heard the Kin album and fell in love with the roots/ Americana  vibes each song gave off.

Consisting of 12 tunes Reskinned featured 5 brand new songs and then you have the other 7 which featured on the debut record Kin that came out way back in 2014. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peak at this sublime sophomore before it hits the UK markets on 8th July. Trust me this record is amazing and it’s the perfect blend of new and old material.

Sucker Puncher: Opening up this wondrous record you had this interesting song. If you have been a fan of Larkin Poe since the very beginning you will notice a change in style. Sucker Puncher was an upbeat rock jam which really was packed with a punch whilst oozing bundles of energy. The exquisite vocals were rather fuzzy and this song is one you can quite easily rock out too.

Trouble In Mind: In America this is the second single to be lifted from this album. Just like Sucker Puncher this oozed plenty of rock and roll vibes. This tune is a homage to the bands roots. This was a rebellious rock infused number aided by powerful vocals and upbeat lyrics which left me completely hooked.

Don’t: Originally taken from the debut record Kin, Don’t was a edgy rock tinged song aided by hypnotising luscious vocals. Everything about this was phenomenal, yes the vocals left me hypnotised but the lyrics were extremely catchy. Basically this was a joyous effort whist oozing plenty of power “Don’t try to lie/ Don’t try to tell me/ Don’t try to buy me/ Don’t try to sell me”

When God Closes A Door: I found this to be an interesting song smothered with plenty of country/ roots vibe. This was a piece of perfection as the upbeat lyrics left me spellbound. As When God Closes A Door progressed it then became rather powerful and you could sense the passion that was put into it.

P-R-O-B-L-E-M: It was then back to the heavy stuff. P-R-O-B-L-E-M was a song which you can quite easily rock out to. The melody was infectious making me want to mosh to it. Regarding the vocals, they were simply on point and you could feel the energy which radiated from them. “I got a P-R-O/ B-L-E-M/ Sound it out/ Coz that’s how you spell your name baby”.

Stubborn Love: Released as a single from the Kin album, Stubborn Love was a delicious light sun blushed song which never fails to make me smile. All in all this was sweet sounding with gorgeous vocals and harmonising. “Every time we fight in the hotel room/ Stubborn love keeps pulling us on through/ So many ways that I could say I love you/ You, I don’t want to/ So many ways that I could say I need you/ You, I don’t have to/ I’ve been all around/ You’ve been all around/ Tell me have you found any better/ Than our stubborn love?”. Having heard the Kin record last year this was my favourite from that release, Stubborn Love was a chilled out dreamy tune and I’m glad it featured again on Reskinned.

Jailbreak: This wondrous song was country rock aided by a stellar vocal delivery which oozed plenty of country/ rock vibes. It was actually a cut which could have you swaying from side to side. Jailbreak was a phenomenal cut that had been splendidly written with mesmerising lyrics that packed a punch “Like a shot from a gun/ Like a bat out of hell/ You’re making for the door/ As if I had you under/ Lock and key/ Baby what’s wrong/ With your head?”.

Banks Of Allatoona: Aided by luscious vocals, Banks Of Allatoona was a mellowing number which left me trance. The very first time I listened to this wonderful cut I was left completely captivated.

Blunt: This is the brand new single and I must say this is one hell of a song. Blunt oozed plenty of attitude and it actually felt as if it were anthem esque. Everything about Blunt was spot on, the vocals were out of this world and this had been well crafted. The verses were upbeat and I found the chorus to be rather delectable “If you knew your chisel was blunt/ Why did you make so many of us/ Why did you make so many”

Sugar High: Plenty of swagger flowed from this number. The verses were splendid and upbeat at the same. Sugar High was a beautiful song and the upbeat vocals oozed plenty of country rock vibes. This entrancing powerful cut quite easily had me on a high from the very beginning to its very end.

Crown Of Fire: Firstly the vocals were sweet like honey and secondly the harmonising were both light and fluffy. Words fail me when it comes to explaining how incredible this song actually was. Crown Of Fire was a whimsical number aided by soft gentle vocals that were delivered to perfection. The sun blushed infectious chorus sank its claws into me “I’ve been strucking that flinter steel/ I’ve been strucking of the flames/ I punish you for all the pain i feel/ When i’m the one to blame”.

Overacheiver: Just like the Kin LP this gorgeous tune ends what had been an amazing attempt of a sophomore record. Now this was completely different compared to the other 11 songs which feature on this album. Overachiever was a beautiful tender piano based ballad which does bring a tear to my eye. There is something about soft soothing music that really gets to me. Anyways this gentle song was aided by impressive lyrics which I found to be really compelling “She’s an overachiever/ Puts on a show for the people/ Fakes a smile as she’s passing by/ If she could hold it together/ She would make it all better/ While she’s walking around in style/ Overachiever”.

To Pre Order Reskinned go over to iTunes

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OVERALL: My final thoughts on this sophomore LP are rather promising. Larkin Poe are a phenomenal duo and I really like the direction they are going in. Whereas I love the roots/ Americana vibes they gave off in earlier material, I really like the fact that these sisters are sassy rock chicks when it comes to the newer material.

The Americans got this wonderful album way back in April whilst here in the United Kingdom the official release date is next month. Trust me this record is well worth the wait because these new songs blew my socks off.


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