Stuart Newman: One Big F Single Review


Way back in 2011 I mentioned about a Brighton based independent recording artist by the name of Stuart Newman. He has released 2 EP’s these being Single But Defective and Bored Of Idiot Chatter. Plus he has released a handful of singles over the past 4 years. The style of the music that Newman sings is delightful indie folk. Considering Stuart is doing this all off his own back shows that he has the passion for creating music and this paid off because he’s received airplay on both BBC 6Music and BBC Introducing. Plus Newman has been mentioned on notable music blogs such as The 405, IndieRockCafe, Largehearted Boy and The MusicNinja.

However his talents do not end there as Stuart created his own artwork series of digital collages. This series proved to be popular as theĀ prints that were made available on the official website are out of stock.

One Big F: Having been released back in 2014, Stuart Newman is back with a radio edit of One Big F, listening to this for the first time left me hooked. Stuart’s indie styled vocals were quite hazy and this had been superbly written. Despite the fact Newman mentioning that “It all leads to one big failure” this was indeed a chilled out song with a captivating melody.

Stuart Newman is definitely not a failure as the song that he currently has under his belt are a credit to him.

Official Site


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