Nicky Davey: Oxygen Single Review


Nick Green and Dave Rosser officially formed Nicky Davey in 2011. Based in LA this soulful duo have just released the first single to be taken from the upcoming XXX album and the song in question being Oxygen. This song was written with long time collaborator Syd Tha Kyd (The Internet).

Starring Tosha Eason Oxygen was a refreshing tune which is a mixture of soul and R&B. The vocals were silky smooth creating plenty of chilled out vibes in the process. I’ve literally had this video on a loop aided by infectious soulful lyrics which sent chills up my spine. “I’m so high, but I don’t wannna ever come back down/ Up in the sky/ Girl you’re like a breath of fresh air/ Higher than high/ You can be my Oxygen”. This song was all sorts of amazing and is extremely spellbinding at the same time. Oxygen is about the first stages of love and Green said of this tune “I wanted to be honest to myself and others about the way I felt. I feel like as songwriters we all write songs in some shape or form about our love interest/inspiration”.

Signed to Noise Alchemy the forthcoming record XXX is one that I eagerly anticipate.



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