Alice Jemima: Liquorice EP Preview



Signed to Sunday Best, 17th June sees the release of the debut EP Liquorice by Alice Jemima. I previously witnessed her support Laura Doggett at XOYO last May where she performed a set consisting of original material and her take on Blackstreet’s No Diggity. Plus she also sang with Doggett for the song Night Girl.

Last month saw Alice perform at Brighton’s The Great Escape and for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter. This month sees her supporting Ladyhawke for the shows in Nottingham and Brighton. Then in the coming months she will be at Camp Bestival, East London Fringe and Bestival. On 15th June Jemima performs her debut headline show at the Sebright Arms and based on what I’ve heard it will be an incredible showcase. Other than the EP the debut album is planned for an October release.

Aside from all of that the Liquorice EP which showcases 4 enchanting tracks was produced by both Jemima & Simon Byrt. The lead single being Liquorice

Liquorice: Opening up this wondrous EP was the title. “Liquorice is a song about trying to please other people, and then drifting off into this imaginary world to try and please yourself. I wrote this at a time when I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. I think women especially feel like they should look a certain way or try to be something else, and I was definitely feeling it that day. The video is a fantastic testament to the song, I instantly fell in love with 2Doors (the directors) vision – it’s vibrant and colourful, slightly weird and quirky and most importantly it’s fun and it doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is something I’m a firm believer of :)” Alice said of this delicious cut. Now this was a candy coated pop song with upbeat spoken word verses which name drops sweet treats such as liquorice, chocolate, popcorn, drumsticks, candyfloss and flying saucers. Basically the superb verses are the perfect piece of nostalgia, I even remember buying the likes of flying saucers and rainbow drops from a tuck shop when I was younger. Alice’s dreamy vocals when she delivered the chorus were very Lana Del Rey esque “They say it’s all ’bout money/ Well I’ve tried so hard/ But I’ve got no money/ So I guess I’ve failed so far/ But I’ve got chocolate coins/ And candy cars/ And I’ve got my flying saucer/ Take me up to mars”. The vocals were so sweet it can quite easily give you a sugar rush.

So: With chilled out guitar riffs reminiscent to The xx, So was an entrancing song aided by  a sublime vocal delivery. When compared to the quirkiness of Liquorice this number was completely different. Actually this was an hypnotic tune and Alice’s smouldering vocals left me hooked from beginning to the very end. I have to say this had been well written as the catchy fast paced lyrics had me captivated “So bad to be doing this/ So bad/ But you got me feeling wild/ And that’s all I want right now”. I vision So to be about falling for a bad guy and the thrill you get with being with that person.

Under The Radar: This number gets me excited and it has to be lifted from this EP at some point. This was a super sweet song with delectable lyrics which were both sweet and delicate. “I’m staying Under The Radar/ No more eye contact/ Coz if I do I’ll fall right into your arms”. Anyhow this was a majestic tune was ever so lovely plus you also had compelling vocal delivery. The single Liquorice is amazing but when it comes to naming a favourite this cut slightly edges it.

Diamonds & Bones: Ending this phenomenal EP you had this classy tune. Compared to what had featured this was different in style. Diamonds & Bones was a tasty slick jam which grew on me each time I listened to it. Alice Jemima’s smokey vocal delivery left me falling for this cut hook, line and sinker.

You can preorder the Liquorice EP of iTunes or if vinyl is more your thing go HERE

Official Site


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