Introducing: Liz


Coming all the way from Los Angeles is 29 year old singer/ songwriter Elizabeth Abrams who is better known as Liz. I fell in love with her the moment I heard When I Rule The World whilst watching the Scream TV Series on MTV. Now that song was literally bubble gum pop and it was full of delectable hooks. Honestly whenever I hear it, I just want to jump up and down. After doing some research I heard older songs such as Hush which Mad Decent retweeted on Soundcloud then there were the likes of All The Boys and That’s My Man on YouTube. I would describe the music that she sings as being bubble gum pop with elements of rap added in for good measure. She even started working with songwriters when she was only 13!!!


Having made her mark way back in 2013 Liz has released 4 singles and 2 EP’s. These mini albums being the self titled Liz EP which was available to buy on the Mad Decent online store and you could purchase at Liz’s own shows. Also you have the Just Like You EP which you can download for free. Liz has also made guest appearances on various different tracks by the likes of Zedd, Diplo, Audrey Napoleon, Tofubeats and Myrne.

Now signed to Columbia Records/ Mad Decent the future does look extremely promising for Elizabeth. Firstly she’s been writing for the past year, secondly she is working with SOPHIE and thirdly if the new material is anything like When I Rule The World then Abrams has a masterpiece on her hands.

XTC: Back in 2013, Elizabeth Abrams made her emergence with XTC which was released on the Mad Decent imprint. This Philadelphia based label was founded in 2005 by Diplo, 5 years later they then made the move to LA. Regarding the tune, XTC was a sleek R&B flavoured cut with a sweet vocal delivery by Elizabeth. The dream like lyrics had me swooning, XTC had been splendidly written along with sensual lyrics which left me hypnotised “Lay down/ Time that I do it your way/ Hush boy, you ain’t gotta make a sound/ Come on baby/ Put it here boy, don’t be scared/ ‘Bout to get up in your head tonight/ Play me like an X-Box It’s your call of duty/ Tear down these walls/ Or you can play me like a PS3/ Control all my levels/ Turn me up, put it down/ Drop your guard, boy”.

Underdogs: The B Side to XTC came in the form of Underdogs which featured an appearance by RiFF RAFF. This was an upbeat contagious cut which mixture of rap meets pop. LIZ’s rap parts actually reminded me of Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea. Other that the rap parts Abrams’s fresh and funky vocals were sweet like honey. Underdogs was an upbeat jam aided by lyrics which had me hooked the very first time I heard it “Later on you’ll say you knew me/ But you’re not my homie, you’re just a ho/ You’ll ride my shiny pony/ But guess what, bitch/ I’m a unicorn”.

Hush: June 2013 saw the release of this delightful song. Hush was a sleek R&B tinged number aided by an enchanting vocal delivery. I can’t help but praise this record, this number had been written to perfection and the chilled out lyrics had me hypnotised “Hey, hush up now/ Hey, take me down/ Boy, I’ll play for your team/ Keep on the low/ I’ll let you win if you’re Hush about the score/ Hey, shut up now/ Hey, do it right now”. The actual music video was amazing as well, the very first shot showed a photograph of JC Chasez (★NSYNC) and Abrams was darkening his eyebrows with a pencil. eyebrows on a photograph. For those that don’t know Chasez wrote with Liz on Do I Like You which appeared on the Just Like You EP. Whenever I hear Hush this joyous number literally uplifts me.

Every Memory: The B side to Hush came in the form of this delightful tune. This was a glitzy R&B cut, with a mellowing melody and Abrams’s vocals. Basically Elizabeth literally has the voice of an angel, Every Memory was ever so smooth aided by delightful verses and a delectable chorus “I don’t wanna wait for you/ But I can’t let us wash away/ My heart is still riding through/ Lovin’ every memory of you/ If I could feel you need me/ The way you did/ Or if I could see it in your eyes/ I don’t wanna wait for you/ But my heart’ still/ Lovin’ every memory of you”. Every Memory was really relaxing and it’s very pleasing on the ear.

Day N’ Nite: This was a collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth and it was released mid 2013. Now Ryan is a Canadian music producer who has released two albums. The only vocals on this record are Liz’s and I have to say I was literally bowled over when I heard this for the first time. The melody is so smooth and Abrams’s bright and breezy sun blushed vocals were pristine. Regarding the lyrics, when I heard this for the first ever time I was literally hooked “Day N’ Night/ I know what to do/ You’re always on my mind/ Dreaming of you/ It feels so right/ But I know that it’s wrong/ That I know I gotta manage to leave you alone”.

U Over Them: August 2013 saw the release of this classy cut. Released as a free download U Over Them was a chilled out RnB/ Pop flavoured number aided by an upbeat vocal delivery. I adored this song as it was chilled out which left me spellbound, the lyrics were refreshingly memorable “They can talk about/ They can talk about it/ But that won’t change the way/ That I feel around ya/ No, there ain’t no one who can take/ My love away from you/ It’s you over them/ So let them run they mouth/ Run they mouth about us/ But there’s nothing they can do/ To keep me from you/ And if there ever comes a time/ That I have to choose/ It’s you over them”. Packed with a punch U Over Them had a dreamy weird music video accompanying it featuring the likes of Care Bears, Pokemon, Hello Kitty,  My Little Pony, Justin Timberlake, a donkey falling in love with a unicorn, Ja Rule and Ashanti.

That’s My Man: April 2014 saw the release of this splendid song. Featuring on The Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack. That’s My Man was actually produced by Pharrell Williams and this number packed a punch. The soulful vibes right at the beginning reminded me of X Factor winners Little Mix, then straight after Abrams showcased her RnB drenched rap skills. This shimmering song had captivating upbeat lyrics “And they say boys get to have all the fun/ The cops and robbers stay on the run/ Saving your girl, it’s a task so kick his ass/ That’s my man” and a hypnotic vocal delivery. On the whole this was a funky jam with fantastic upbeat verses and an incredible comic book lyric video.

All Them Boys: August 2014 saw the release of this fresh RnB jam which was the only song that was taken from the Just Like You EP. Produced by Mr Carmak and Colta All Them Boys was anthem which can easily have you dancing. The tasty lyrics were extremely captiving whilst Abram’s vocals were sweet like honey. All Them Boys is a funky tune which has a killer hook “I knew a love like this before/ Deep in my heart, deep in my soul/ You found it, you unlocked the door/ You got me all”.

When I Rule The World: Released July 2015, When I Rule The World is probably the most mainstream out of the material that LIZ has released so far. Now this delicious number was bubble gum which was packed with verses oozing plenty of sass. The lyrics were very quirky as Abrams describes what her version of the world would be if she was the ruler. Basically it would be a girls world and she’ll be one demanding ruler “When I rule the world, then you’re the little girl/ You should do as I say, cause thing are gonna be my way/ When I rule the world so get down on your knees/ Better do as I please, until I tell you to stop”.  I’ve got so much admiration for this cut because firstly it had been written to perfection and secondly the infectious chorus just begs for you to jump up and down.

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