Brielle: Brielle Album Preview


At the end of April I wrote about an upcoming pop princess by the name of Brielle. Having released a handful of singles 17th June 2016 sees the release of the debut self titled album on the AGP Records imprint. Coming all the way from New York City Brielle is a talented singer/ songwriter who has a host of entrancing songs under her belt.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peak at this record before it’s released to the public on 17th June. Consisting of 10 tunes this LP is well worth the wait. The likes of Unstoppable, Rocket, Catch A Star For You, Ought To Be, Thin Ice, Want Your Love and Rock The Catwalk may already be out in the public domain but wait until you hear the new cuts they literally blew my mind.

“This is a special time in my life as I am finally able to release to the world what I have been working on for so long. The time has come for everyone to see the different sides of me and my journey. Simply put, I am just excited” Brielle says about this delightful record. Basically this was a pop experience.

Love Means: When it comes to any record or EP the first track is always the most important because it has to leave you completely captivated. That is was this tune did for me. Love Means was a pop cut with canivalesque beats. This was a fast paced jam with luscious lyrics which left me hooked. The verses were reminiscent to Ke$ha whilst the chorus makes me want to jump and down “What does love mean to you/ That’s what I knew was true/ Guess it’s not all butterflies and sunshine/ How long can we go through/ Love you now hate you too/ That’s how love works, that’s how our love is true”. Love Means was an uplifting tune which had been perfectly crafted.

Unstoppable: This was Brielle’s first ever self written song and it was nominated in the 12th annual Independent Music Awards. Now this was a joyous tune which was the perfect blend of pop meets dance. Everything about this was sublime the melody had me in a trance and the lyrics were out of this world. Plenty of energy flowed from them and the dreamy club like chorus had me grinning like a cheshire cat “I’m gonna turn your word upside down/ We’re tearing up tonight/ Can’t stop us now/ Just look me in the eyes/ I’ll show you how/ To lose yourself we are Unstoppable/ This is how it’s supposed to be/ Our bodies hooked on all the energy/ We’re flying through the sky so fast that we/ Can lose ourselves we are Unstoppable”.

Catch A Star For You: Again this was another dance pop cut which was reminiscent to Calvin Harris. This was the debut Brielle single which was released independently back in 2013. I’m so pleased it made the album cut because Catch A Star For You was ever so entrancing and Brielle’s vocals were simply gorgeous. Regarding the lyrics, now these were uber catchy and this number is meant to play at any club “Come and set me free/ Illuminate my world/ And just save it/ I can touch the sky/ And Catch A Star For You/ Open up the dream/ Imagine all the life can be/ After I touch the sky/ And Catch A Star For You”. 

Rocket: I simply adored this beautiful song. Rocket was drenched with plenty of pop vibes and Brielle’s  mesmerising sun blushed vocals again reminded me of Ke$ha. I’ve had Rocket on constant repeat, it is a captivating tune which gets better each time I listen to it. Brielle’s vocals were sweet and the contagious lyrics made this feel like it was a patriotic anthem. “Let the rockets get clear/ Put your lights in the air/ Raise your glass to the atmosphere/ Get wasted drop the bass/ Until the rockets go boom”. Just listening to this delectable song and video again I realise that Brielle is reminiscing about a wild party she spent with friends on the 4th July and a Rocket is basically a Firework here in England.

Stuck: Only 2 songs on this whimsical LP weren’t written by Brielle and this was one of them. Written by both Kim Moeller & Shelby Morris Stuck was a mid tempo cut with splendid lyrics which left me completely compelled “Stuck, stuck, stuck in the mirror of life/ But I want/ Just wanna be myself/ But I cant/ I’m fighting to see my own reflection and my own direction/ I’m stuck”. I have to say this song left me completely spellbound and the vocals by Brielle were extraordinary. The straight to the point lyrics told how Brielle just wants to be herself and she doesn’t want to be moulded into something she’s not.

Wasted: The lyrics to this were rather honest which detailed a one sided relationship that Brielle was in which then resulted in a break up. Everything about this was utterly gorgeous, the lyrics depicted this relationship that Brielle was in and despite attempts in trying to make it work out, there was no happy ever after “Thought I figured it out/ Had my head in the clouds/ You had it so damn easy/ I did all the work/ Nothing in return/ No matter what I do, I doubt that you/ That you will ever change”. I really liked the anthem styled chorus “But I’m feeling so wasted/ Such a mistake/ Sorry I met you/ It’s time to forget you/ Too little too late/ Sorry I met you/ It’s time to forget you/ Man I’m wasted”.

Thin Ice: This was the other tune that Brielle didn’t have a part in writing. Thin Ice was infact written by Femdouble, Jordan Lorimer, & Olubunmi “G$ol” Afolabi. Now this song was basically a rollercoaster ride. Thin Ice was feisty pop with lyrics which packed a punch plus I can pick up on slight traces of P!nk “I’ll say it plain for you/ Change all the things you do/ Wear no disguise/ What have you given me/ Baby it’s time to see/ You’re on Thin Ice”. Still this was a spellbinding number and Brielle’s shimmering vocals were exquisite which makes you want to jump up and down.

Want Your Love: This was the final new tune of this wondrous album. Co written by Brielle this was a right game changer because this was extremely chilled out. Want Your Love had been pieced together perfectly and this was a fresh sounding song with slick lyrics “I must admit it’s fun/ I know that I should run/ But I want your love/ Is it so hard to see/ That I want/ For us to be”.

Ought To Be: This is the latest single released by Brielle and it was basically a given that it would make the cut for this debut album. Ought To Be was a right fire cracker aided by tasty lyrics which I found to be really captivating. I found this to be a thumping pop tune aided by punchy lyrics which were both fresh and funky “This is how it Oughta To Be/ How it Oughta Be/ Rhythms matching heartbeats/ Flow vibrations in sync/ This is how it Oughta To Be/ How it Oughta Be”.

Rock The Catwalk: Ending this phenomenal debut was Rock The Catwalk which is a re working of The Clash’s Rock The Casbah. This delightful dance pop cut was sheer perfecttion aided by infectious lyrics which just hit you like a full on force. Brielle attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and this number explored her passion for fashion.

My final thoughts on this record are extremely promising. Brielle’s self titled album was an utter joy to listen to and is packed with plenty of luscious songs. Whist 7 of the 10 numbers are already out there in the public domain songs like Wasted, Love Means and Stuck literally blew my mind. When it comes to picking a favourite from those three Wasted does have the slight edge.

I’m literally addicted to Brielle and I well and truly hope she does visit the United Kingdom in the future. Until that day does come Brielle is someone who I most definitely will be keeping tabs on and I’m extremely excited for her future


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