Muna @ The Great Escape @ Coalition 21st May 2016


Coming all the way from LA you had Muna. This 3 piece consisted of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson plus during this performance you also had someone on the drums and another guitarist. Muna are a band that I planned to see and after a friend recommended this 3 piece made them a must see. So at 6pm I arrived at the Coalition, a few people were hanging round the area. When the doors did open I was really surprised that there were no delegates who went in before the general ticket holders.

Having released The Loudspeaker EP earlier on this month on RCA/ National Anthem the 6 song set focused on that along with 2 sparkly new songs. Things then kicked off with Naomi performing the entrancing Promise Intro which I found to be really atmospheric, this then led to some intense guitar playing. Now this introduction was very HAIM esque. After plenty of applause it was then onto the fresh and funky Promise. Taking the lead for this was Katie Gavin who is the vocalist for Muna. Well her vocals were completely glorious and the lyrics had me hooked from the word go “Even if you said you would forgive me / I don’t know if I could ever say I’m sorry”. This RnB pop flavoured song reminded me of The 1975. Anyways I loved this song, Katie’s vocals were superb and dreamy making you want to dance to the beat.


Next it was onto a double dosage of tunes from The Loudspeaker EP. The first being So Special and this being a bittersweet breakup anthem. I found this number to be rather smooth and dreamlike which did result in quite a few cheers. Everything about this was pure perfection, Katie’s vocals were flawless and plenty of pop vibes oozed from this along with the guitar usage which gave it that extra edge. The lyrics were delectably delicious “Cause i’m all dressed up/ Good you think that i’m beautiful but it’s not enough now i know i’m not so special cause i’m all dressed up/ Good you think that I’m beautiful/ But it’s not enough/ Guess i’m gonna find another bride/ Guess i’ll see you in another life” and the melody was extremely upbeat. Infused to the ending you then had Winterbreak and this being a gentle mid tempo song which left me mesmerised. The lyrics actually made you picture a sad story of being in love with someone but it’s a love you cannot reconcile. Katie’s funky vocal delivery was smooth like butter and Winterbreak had been perfectly crafted with catchy story telling lyrics “Oh, baby I think we both know/ This is a love that we won’t get right/ Still if you said that you wanted/ I know I’ll always have one more try/ Oh, baby, I think we both know/ This is a love that we won’t get right/ Still if you said that you wanted/ I know I’ll always have one more try”. All in all this was a luscious mellowing song which casted a spell on me.


Following on were 2 tempting new tunes which makes me excited for these three girls future. I Know A Place was a banger which easily had me moving on the spot. The lyrics were literally an explosion “I know a place/ I know a place we can go/ Together we run” and this was a refreshing jam which was ever so infectious. “Don’t be afraid of love and affection”. All in all this was an epic song with a sparkling vocal delivery which oozed plenty of feel good vibes. It was then onto a sad song and this being If U Love Me Now. This was a slow paced ballad which did tug at my heart strings “There’s me in the corner/ Making a mess of it/ Don’t you love me now/ There’s me at the table/ Hiding from my lovers in my eyes/ Don’t you love me now”. This delicate song was delivered faultlessly and Gavin’s vocals were really exquisite.

The set then drew to a close with the title track of the EP and this being Loudspeaker. This 80s tinged tune was a glorious one aided by Katie’s whimsical vocals. The harmonies were tight and this was a dreamy hypnotic cut with delightful lyrics which left me captivated “So if I feel real good tonight/ I’m gonna put it high on the loudspeaker/ And if I feel like crying, I won’t hide it/ I am a loudspeaker/ I am a loudspeaker/ I am a loudspeaker”. To sum things up Loudspeaker was a joyous song and it was one which made me smile.


So Special
I Know A Place
If U Love Me Now

OVERALL: It was the first time for me seeing Muna live and based on this performance it most certainly wont be the last. This 3 piece girl band have something incredibly special, each of the 6 tunes showcased were complete crackers. It was a delight to hear the Loudspeaker EP performed live. Even the new songs make me anticipate the next release by this band. I have to say KLOE was absolutely right I Know A Place was a right banger and I have to hear the studio version someday soon.

Vocal wise Katie Gavin was simply stunning, each tune performed was a right little ge leaving me hooked and with the desire to hear more. From this showcase the Loudspeaker EP is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m positive more magical Muna things will come out in the future.

Will I see them again? My answer would be a resounding yes.


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