LCMDF @ The Great Escape @ Horatios 20th May 2016



Coming all the way from Finland you have Le Corps Mince De Françoise or as they are better known as LCMDF. This was the first time I witnessed them perform live and I was left utterly impressed. Consisting of sisters Mia and Emma Kemppainen LCMDF are a duo who have been around for a while. Having been writing and producing music since 2006 this was only the 2nd time that they played this festival. It was back in 2011 when they made their debut appearance playing at the Corn Exchange alongside the likes of The Naked And Famous, Guards and The Vaccines. I myself attended that year but instead I was at Horatios witnessing sets by the likes of EMA, Yuck and Braids.

Having released 2 parts of the Metal Health EP and the debut album Love & Hate back in 2010 this was a set I was really relishing. I actually only discovered the duo when browsing through the list of artists that were to play at this years The Great Escape. I then came across LCMDF and fell in love with the electronic pop goodness that they produce. So this duo were ironically playing at Horatios and the material showcased was a mixture of both old and unreleased. Things kicked off with Time (Have I Lost My Mind) which featured on the Love & Hate record. The vocalist for LCMDF is Emma Kemppainen and her vocals were rather rap esque. Still this was a blissful song along with plenty of beats which had me moving on the spot. This was a fast flowing number aided by a spotless vocal delivery and infectious lyrics.


“Hello everyone. We’re LCMDF from Helsinki, Finland. It’s really nice to be here at The Great Escape. The 2nd time ever actually” Emma then said before a brand new song. Well it could be old but considering I cannot find anything about it online makes it new. Lower Your Guard was one of those songs that took my breath away, whilst Emma provided her upbeat raps which oozed plenty of attitude you also had sister Mia who brought in her dreamy harmonies. Anyhow this was an addictive cut leaving me completely hooked. This song is from 2009” Kemppainen said before both sisters tackled Something Golden. This was a one that easily gets you moving because the melody is super contagious. Everything about this electro pop jam was amazing, Something Golden oozed plenty of fun vibes and it had been faultlessly written “The mistakes that I make would create Something Golden”. Anyhow this was a tantalising tune which had me hooked from the word go.


“We’re going to play some new songs now. Like some unreleased. This one is dedicated to my ex boyfriend” Emma said before they dove into Procrastination 365. Now this was a joyous tune which literally brought a smile to my face when I witnessed it performed right in front of me. The lyrics were entrancing oozing plenty of pop vibes. LCMDF were like the Finnish Icona Pop, Procrastination 365 was full of catchy lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker “It’s a little bit a shame you’re gonna waste a day like this you wanna/ You wanna feel alive you’re gonna?/ So many ways to spend a day, a month, a year you gonna/ You’re never gonna get another”. Everything about this uplifted me and this was a mesmerising number. “That was a song about smoking too much weed and this is actually the song that we’re playing next and it’s to my ex boyfriend” Emma said before there were a few laughs as the next song was introduced as Idiot. This was a smooth song aided by spellbinding lyrics detailing Emma’s not so happy relationship with her ex boyfriend “I can’t be much more done than this/ You’re an Idiot/ Please go fuck yourself/ And I thought you were cool/ And I know you’re just a fool/ Whoever falls for you is just an Idiot”. Now the lyrics tell the story of how Emma’s then boyfriend cheated on her “I thought you were mine/ But you were in someone elses arms” then she had a nasty surprise when she found out. Still Emma Kemppainen is right for not being bothered to cry because any man who cheats is not worth it.


“This is another new song. We played it last week in London for the first time” Kemppainen said before the sisters got stuck into Whatever. Now this being an upbeat electronic jam which easily had me nodding my head to the beat. Now the were fast flowing whilst the chorus makes you want to fist pump the sky “And I go like What What What Whatever/ Don’t need what you’ve got/ Whatever/ And I go like What What What Whatever/ Show me what you’ve got/ Whatever”. This was a delicious tune which oozed plenty of pop vibes. Just like Procrastination 365 it again reminded me of Icona Pop.


“We released a new single in December. Usually we don’t wanna like comment that much that much on like our genre and stuff. But then this song came to me when I was in the studio and I was really annoyed with the Finnish music scene. We have a lot of heavy metal, we even won the Eurovision Song Cotest with a monster heavy metal act. We’re different from that and we’re not getting let in that scene” Emma then mentioned before they went into Rookie. I literally adored this number because it was very tongue in cheek. “I’m so done with the metal scene/ I’m so done with the dudes who think they’re better than me/ I’m gonna make my moves ready to break that beat/ Cause’ my shit’s so solid, that’s why I’m here”. Rookie was a delectable electro pop number with both lyrics and melody which just makes you want to jump up and down. This song was so incredible LCMDF will get my 12 points any day.

“We’ve got one more song” Emma said before ending with the funky Fooled. Everything about this dreamy cut left me entranced. The vocal performance during this cut was outstanding and Fooled had the feel good beat to it.


Time (Have I Lost My Mind)
Lower Your Guard
Something Golden
Procrastination 365

OVERALL: This was the first time I witnessed LCMDF and I was left thoroughly impressed with the songs showcased. I’m literally going to try and track down a copy of the Love & Hate album on vinyl.

The new songs were amazing and Rookie has to go down as my favourite followed by Procrastination 365. Still the rest of the material were utter sparklers which enticed me in wanting to hear more from them. LCMDF are a duo who I most definitely would see again when they next come to the United Kingdom. I know I’m 5 years too late but with these new songs I am guessing somewhere down the line there will be promotion for the new album whenever that does come out.

Still LCMDF go down as my favourite act of this years The Great Escape because when I left Horations, I left with a huge smile on my face.


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