Mabel @ The Great Escape @ Wagner Hall 19th May 2016


Playing at the VEVO stage you had Mabel McVey. This was the very first time I witnessed her perform live after having missed the opportunity when she played the ICA earlier on this year. Just seeing videos from that evening plus the material on Soundcloud left me incredibly impressed. Mabel’s vocals sounded extraordinary and my friends certainly have good taste in music.

Well the daytime schedule saw Mabel perform an acoustic set at Wagner Hall. Having attended the same VEVO stage last year did make me think the set will be just two songs recorded for VEVO and that’s it. Only that wasn’t the case this set that Mabel McVey showcased consisted of 5 beautiful songs (6 if you include the performance of My Boy My Town she did again right at the end). In fact I was really excited just to have the opportunity of seeing her perform. “Hey, my name’s Mabel” she then said to the recording cameras before opening with the swooning My Boy My Town. Now this cut was simply phenomenal. Plenty of slick R&B vibes oozed from this and the vocals/ harmonising were utterly sublime. Actually I found this to be really chilled out aided by stunning upbeat verses and an entrancing chorus “Let’s meet in the middle/ ‘Cause we both want a little bit more/ If I waste what you’re giving/ Then I won’t forgive it/ You’ll leave me just wanting it all/ Let’s meet in the middle/ Halfway in the middle/ Let’s meet in the middle/ Halfway in the middle”.


Once over it was straight into Know Me Better. This being the first song which Mabel released to the public. Now this was an incredible bit of song writing by McVey. Know Me Better was a silky smooth RnB flavoured song with lyrics which left me completely captivated. This showcased off McVey’s exquisite vocals to perfection, other than being drenched in RnB vibes there was a tinge of Soul within the vocals.

The only cover of the set left me speechless and this being a take on Destiny’s Child and this being Say My Name. All I can say about this is WOW this was an extraordinary take on this well known song. The vocals were pure perfection and extremely mellowing at the same time. There was something enchanting about Mabel’s very own spin on this well know Destiny’s Child song.


“My name’s Mabel. The next tune is a pretty new one” McVey said before diving into Thinking Of You. Now the final two tunes of the acoustic set were brand new. This was a beautiful cut with luscious lyrics which made me depict being in love with that one person who already has a partner “Try to forget about you/ No chance/ I wasn’t looking for romance/ Blue skies but I’m in the dark/ Waiting on someone gotta pick me up”.

Ending the spectacular set was Sweetest Thing. This beautiful ballad was a mesmerising tender cut revolving around a relationship. I must say this was charming and the slick lyrics were both infectious and enchanting at the same time “Tonight is the sweetest thing/ Tonight is the sweetest thing/ Tonight is the sweetest thing/ And I don’t know if it will last forever/ Tonight is the sweetest thing/ Don’t care if it’s a big mistake/ Tonight is the sweetest thing/ You help me take my mind away/ Tonight is the sweetest thing/ Why can’t we do this everyday/ And I don’t know if this will last forever/ But it’s better than nothing/ It’s better than nothing/ It’s better than nothing/ And I don’t care if it don’t last forever”. 


My Boy My Town
Know Me Better
Say My Name
Thinking Of You
Sweetest Thing

OVERALL: This was the very first time I witnessed Mabel in the flesh and she was outstanding. The vocals were out of this world and her song writing skills are pure perfection. What we had here were 4 tasty tunes which made me relish the thought of an EP in the future.

Considering Mabel McVey is only 19 she is one incredible talent who can make waves in the music industry.


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