Daily Dig: Lily Elise

12963380_10153512693142286_6516407927206812657_nComing all the way from Berkeley, California singer/ songwriter Lily Ēlise. Now the style of the music she sings is a delicious concoction of R&B meets Pop and currently only five originals are within the public domain. The likes of Circles, I Don’t Know Why and Taken all being edgy cuts with punchy lyrics.

Lily came in the public eye after featuring in the first ever series of The Voice back in 2011. Originally Lily did not make it through the blind auditions. 5 contestants were then given a 2nd chance due to the fact judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine still had spaces to fill. Ēlise was the first up and the song which she sang was Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You.

It was Aguilera who hit the I WANT YOU button and from that moment Lily was Team Christina. Having sailed through the battle rounds after performing Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone, Lily’s journey then ame to an end as she was eliminated in the first week of the quarter finals after having sang Big Boys Don’t Cry by Fergie.

Having seen plenty of music contests I know full well that even if you don’t win that competition you can still carve out a successful career in music. Now 25, Lily Ēlise has featured on singles from Twin Shadow, Dillon Francis and Felix Cartal. Lily also has co wrote Find My Way which featured as a bonus track on Westlife’s Markus Feehily’s solo album Fire and Daydream for Gigi Radics who won Hungarian music contest Megasztá. Also alongside, co-writer Audra Mae, Elise co-wrote Juliette Barnes’s (Hayden Panettiere) debut single What If It’s You for the American music drama series Nashville.

2016 will see the release of the Oliver EP. The songs which feature are a culmination of 2 years of hard work. Based on the material already out there my anticipation for the Oliver EP has risen dramatically. As I mentioned there are only 5 Lily originals out there, all being well and truly flawless. From what my ears have had the pleasure of listening to I can full well tell that Lily has the gift for songwriting and she has an impressive vocal rage. Lily has bundles of passion for music, you can tell that from listening to her songs and knowing her back story of participating in The Voice, co writing for other artists and featuring on other songs. Lily Elise is also an alumnae of the San Rafael, California based a cappella group, ‘Til Dawn. I know for full well Lily has the ability to make waves in this music industry.

Generator: 4th November 2014 saw the release of the debut single by Lily Ēlise. Having already featured on Felix Cartal’s Let It Go and Dillon Francis’s Hurricane it was refreshing to hear one of her very own songs. This song reached #1 on the Twitter Hype Chat and that comes as no surprise because this was a mesmerising combination of R&B meets Pop. I found this number to be really sleek, upbeat and infectious “To the darkness/ Where I see you/ Without the generator on/ I shouldn’t be here/ But I’m not scared/ Without the generator on”. The harmonies were on point and the I found the vocals to be very haunting. Being the debut single this was a sterling effort because both vocals and lyrics left me utterly hooked. You then had the delectable middle 8 which left me completely entranced “I like living in your shadows/ You’re not out of love/ Maybe my heart deceives me but/ I like giving in”.

Suitcases: January 2015 saw the release of the follow up to debut single Generator. This was an R&B flavoured tune with spectacular entrancing vocals. I found Suitcases to be rather soothing and this had been perfectly crafted. The verses were smooth and it was the minimalist chorus which was extremely upbeat “With your suitcases (oh)/ Suitcases/ With your suitcases (yeah, yeah, yeah)/ Suitcases”. I must say this was very mesmerising and it was a cut that can easily get you moving to the beat.

Taken: October 2015 saw the release of this stunning song. It was different compared to the first two songs by Lily and this was down to the fact that this was a break up number. I wont lie but this was emotional as the storytelling lyrics were straight to the point. Considering this wasn’t a toxic relationship, made it very hard to make that break “I will go before you wake/ Don’t you know that I can’t stay/ All my love has already been taken, taken”. Anyhow this was an addictive song with verses that tugged at your heartstrings and a chorus which was anthem esque “I am taken/ You can’t keep me here/ Don’t keep waiting/ Wasting time, my dear/ All my love has already been taken, baby”.

I Don’t Know Why: Lily’s first tune of 2016 came n the form of this fresh and funky tune which premiered on Perez Hilton. This was smothered with plenty of smooth R&B vibes and shimmering lyrics which left me compelled from beginning to end. The vocals were pristine at the same time resulting in me picking up on a soulfulness. This was a chilled out gorgeous cut with lyrics which sent shivers up my spine “Time heals all wounds/
But they open and close when you want them to/ My heart is confused/ Cause I can’t stand you”. This had been superbly written and if you listen/ watch all the songs back to back it tells a story.

Circles: Featuring rapper Famous this tune was literally packed with a punch. This song was delivered at a fast pace and the addition of beats during the chorus gave it that edgy feel. Circles was a combination of Pop meets Rap with the addition of Electronic beats. I adored everything about this number, it had been perfectly pieced together and the vocals were tremendous. Having heard this numerous times I’ve got to say it left me captivated “I say things I don’t mean/ So don’t listen to me/ You feel things that you don’t say/ And we keep wondering”. Now Famous was a whimsical number which brings the whole story of her ex Oliver (that’s not his name it is the code name Lily gave him). The Oliver EP is out now.

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