Daily Dig: Violet Days


Coming all the way from Stockholm, Sweden are Violet Days. This Swedish group consist of Lina Hansson, Fredrik Häggstam, Kristoffer Eriksson and Fredric Johansson. Lina is the lead vocalist and from listening to the newest single Your Girl Hansson’s soft vocals are heavenly. Having formed in 2010 Violet Days have only released 4 blissful songs and I for one hope there is an EP on the horizon.

Now Violet Days is a moniker inspired from Lina’s grandmothers name. From what I’ve heard from this band I’m greatly surprised that they are unsigned. The songwriter for Violet Days is infact Lina Hansson. She has been back and forth to London, LA and Stockholm to write with different people, to finally come back with a bunch of new promising material. Based on the material out there I’m craving either an EP or full length.

Anyhow Violet Days have been releasing music on an Independent record label called 100 Songs in Sweden. Now this label mainly deals in releasing singles digitally. This label says that 100 SONGS is the modern way of discovering great songs and allowing great artists to develop with the world as their playground. Another Swedish artist whom I adore is Ace Wilder and she started her journey by releasing music via this label.

Your Girl: Being the newest cut, Your Girl was a promising song was aided by beautiful mellowing vocals which left me spellbound. This was a piece of luscious electro pop with hypnotic lyrics which drew me in. Lina said of Your Girl “I guess this song is my way of saying that sometimes you need to feel like you´re more than just enough for someone. That you want to feel special and deserve not to be taken for granted. It´s like being kept in an emotional limbo where you don´t know what anyone feels anymore, cause there´s no interaction, and that sucks”. Your Girl was literally a masterpiece as the lyrics were infectious and the bridge was rather edgy “You close a door without a care/ You seem so sure that I’ll be here when you come back/ First it was fun and we got drunk/ First it was fun and we got drunk, then we fucked up/ Now I’m fucked up”. Just listening to it reminds me of Lauren Aquilina.

Screaming Colors: Tracking back Violet Days released this pop belter at the end of 2015 and WOW what a song it was. This was a powerful pop track with a thumping chorus which gave it that anthem feel “Let’s live this life in screaming colors/ Let’s live this life in screaming colors/ Cause you know clouds or pain can’t take all our sparks away/ Let’s live this life in screaming colors, woohoo/ Colors, woohoo”. Screaming Colors was pure perfection, Hansson’s vocal delivery was pure perfection and the lyrics were rather fluffy uplifting and hypnotising me at the same time.

So Dope: June 2015 saw the release of this wondrous tune. Comparing it to the likes of the newest Violet Days songs this is different because it is a slow paced love ballad. Consisting of 4 verses and a chorus So Dope was an entrancing cut which is a right epic. This was the perfect piece of pop and Lina’s vocals were pristine. This love song was literally magical and it was So Dope.

Razorheart: Now this was the song that started it all. Having formed in 2010 it took them 4 years to reach this point. Razorheart had splendid lyrics which left me completely hooked. Hansson’s vocals were both sweet and gorgeous, plenty of pop vibes resonated from this impeccable number. The style of Razorheart reminded me of Hayley Williams of Paramore. Whilst I adored the verses my favourite part had to be the catchy chorus “Oh oh woah oh woah oh oh oh woah/ Now when that feeling starts/ The touch of love is sharp/ Oh oh woah oh woah oh oh oh woah/ It cuts us both apart/ I’ve got a razorheart”.

Looking back on all the songs Violet Days have released, this cut was well crafted which showed that Lina has a talent for writing infectious pop songs.

Having listened to all the four singles Violet Days have released an EP has to be on the horizon. Lina is an incredible songwriter and she has signed publishing deal with Selector/Sony ATV US.

Things do look promising for them and if they ever visit the United Kingdom I’m definitely there as Violet Days have that something extra special.

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