Daily Dig: Auna Sims

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Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia is Auna Sims and I’m enjoying the songs that are currently out there. The style of Sims’s music is a mixture between folk and pop which is a rather delightful combination. Now Auna is the eldest of 10 musically gifted children and throughout her youth she studied both the piano and classical music. When she went on her formal secondary education in music that is when Sims was dealt with a crushing blow. This being an idiopathic hand and arm injury which made playing piano impossible, what made this even more cruel was the fact she had an audition for the head of the Atlanta Symphony days later. For those who do not know what idiopathic means it is basically unexplained nerve pains.

Auna Sims - Press Pic 2

Despite this Auna Sims did not let this hinder her in the slightest. Basically she soldiered through the pain and continued to do what she loved. What makes Auna truly remarkable is that other than writing her own material she also began to play the piano one handed. That simply astounds me as nearly every instrument needs two hands. She thenn developed her voice and what she could do with performance, limited though she may be. The music, she kept to herself as she compiled composition upon composition.

October 2015 was when Sims shared one of her compositions and this coming in the form of debut single Right Place. The follow up Dance The Extra Mile was released in April 2016 and my god those two songs are impeccable. With no record label behind her, Auna has released her music independently, having listened to those songs on repeat makes me crave more original material from Auna Sims.

Right Place: If you are a lover of folk/ pop music then you will adore Sims. Now Right Place was a promising debut which had been well crafted. This song oozed plenty of strong folk vibes and the smoothness of the lyrics left me hypnotised. Auna wrote this composition when she was struggling with the why try again questions. Everything about this track was spot on, the chorus actually reminded me of Scottish singer Amy Macdonald. I really adored the beautiful hopeful message of chasing dreams and never letting anything hinder you.

Dance The Extra Mile: Now this song was literally breath taking. Dance The Extra Mile was a lovely piano based ballad with rock elements. Auna’s vocals were extremely powerful and on the whole this was a perfectly produced track. Its lyrics left me hooked resonating a folk pop vibe. The very first time I heard this tune I immediately thought of Morrisey. Dance The Extra Mile was an infectious number which showcased Sims’s startling song writing skills “It’s the music that I like the most/ That sounds a little lost/ And the notes hide in the way within your smile/ It’s the giving though that leads me just to wait a little while/ I’m going to dance/ I’m going to dance/ I’m going to dance/ Dance The Extra Mile”. What I adored about this was the perfect uplifting storytelling lyrics. “I spent much of my life doubting my own brain and heart; tip-toeing across glass, hoping not to injure others or myself – apologizing for my own person.  This song is about dancing the extra mile – not running or charging – dancing.  Usually the extra mile is over jagged, rocky terrain.  A few loose rocks and pebbles may nick others while I dance, but I realize that I am nicked by others as well.  This song is about unapologetic joy in perseverance.  I’d rather dance that mile with someone else, but I am not afraid to blaze a trail.  That mile is calling, and it must be danced, sung, written, found, lost, explored, reached, and ultimately released in order to become the courage and comfort I crave for myself and wish to share” Auna says of this whimsical tune.

From what I’ve heard Auna Sims is one exceptional songstress. She may only have just two songs out there within the public domain, but hearing them does make me relish more brand spanking new compositions.

Finally Auna Sims is a right inspiration. With everything I’ve read tells me you should never give up on your dreams even if you have been dealt a devastating blow.

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