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Recently I’ve been listening to Monica Ginestre, better known by her stage name Monica Lionheart. Coming all the way from the USA, Monica is a phenomenal singer/ songwriter who has a host of original material under her sleeves.

Lionheart is actually no stranger to the music scene as began her music career as a member of Iluminada plus Monica is the founder of the electronic rock band Zigmat, and collaborated in Pacha Massive. It was in 2012 when she started her own solo project and released debut album Indian Summer on Nacional Records. This album was interesting because 2 of the tunes featured were in Spanish. I have to say there is something about foreign songs which utterly captivate me and that is what both Sombras and Relámpago did.

Relámpago was used in an episode of the HBO Latino series Capadocia.

Anyhow 11 tracks featured on this debut record and they were all impeccable. Lionheart definitely has a gift for writing splendid tunes. I would say that the style of this LP was hazy dream folk pop. Whilst those two Spanish tracks above were captivating my highlights had to be My Heart and Let Go.

Four years after debut record Indian Summer Monica released the follow up Missed Connections this January. Whilst I still need to get a copy of that record the songs that she has released on either her Soundcloud or YouTube have astonished me.

Run: This was the first tune to be taken from the sophomore LP and this was a right cracker. I found this to be electronic rock aided by upbeat lyrics which grabbed my attention the moment this number started. Run actually reminded me of both Florence And The Machine and Little Boots. On the whole Run had been written to perfection which left me in a daze.

Strangers: The follow up to Run was amazing in all sorts of ways. Now Strangers was dreamy electronic pop through and through aided by lyrics which mellowed me out. Monica’s hazy vocals were pristine and the lyrics were gentle. The melody was awesome as there were a multitude of instruments on show and the music video was both psychedelic and trippy.

Taylor: This is the latest song taken from Missed Connections and all that I can say is WOW. The lyrics were spot on as they were incredible infectious and Lionheart’s vocals were smooth like butter. “How did the life get the best of me/ We just wanted to be free/ How did the life get the best of you/ We’re salt and seas and skies brand new”. Compared to the likes of Run and Strangers this is completely different in style as plenty of folk rock vibes resonated from this wondrous tune. Now Taylor is actually a sailor and this song had been well written resulting in this punchy number.

Ghost: Whilst this didn’t make it as a single it was however released as a free download giving people a taster of what to expect from Missed Connections. I have to say this was a stunning duet with Gabriel Rios and extremely beautiful at the same time. Compared to the likes of Run, Strangers and Taylor this song was completely different because this was an epic power ballad aided by strums of a guitar and the violin which plays throughout.

You could actually pick up on the emotion from the startling vocal delivery.

To sum things up Monica Lionheart is a talented individual who can write impeccable songs. Each original I heard was utterly phenomenal, whilst I haven’t heard the sophomore release yet based on the three singles taken from it I’m sure Missed Connections will blow my mind.

I’m a fan of both folk rock and pop, this is probably why I took to her tunes straight away.

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  1. Nahs Vaultdu says:

    I like how intricately this blogger studies music and how accurately every song is described. No one takes their time on anything anymore in this world of abbreviated communications, fast-food/microwavable music, and made in China mentalities. I’ve read so many bad reviews that weren’t meant to be bad, but were just so poorly researched & delivered in a half-headed, half a soy latte later, rushed head-space of an intern or penny-paid music writer. That said, I look forward to discovering more new music through Mr. C’s urbane perspective. And yes, Missed Connections is truly a great album, as was Indian Summer. Monica Lionheart is certainly a rare case of consistently incredible & raw talent.


    1. Mr C says:

      Thankyou, I do this because listening and recommending new music is something that I enjoy.

      Each post takes me about 3ish hours to complete because I explore the artists background.


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