Sara Hartman: Satellite EP Review



Born in New York but based in Berlin is pop songstress Sara Hartman. She’s already made waves in the music industry, touring with Ellie Goulding, MS MR and the X Ambassadors and creating a fanbase that includes the likes of Chloë Grace Moretz and Perez Hilton.

Released two weeks ago on Friday (22/4) was the Satellite EP which is a collection of 4 magical tunes all of which left me spellbound.

Satellite: The EP opened up with this tasty treat and this coming in the form of the title track. The luscious Satellite oozed plenty of folk pop vibes which just reeled me in. Hartman’s vocals were splendid and slightly husky at the same time. Its melody was extremely chilled out and the thumping chorus had an anthem like feel to it “I could love you if you let me/ But love you gotta let me/ Love you gotta let me/ I could love you if you let me/ But love you gotta let me/ Love you gotta let me”. Regarding this spectacular song Sara said “It started as a small chain of thought lyrically but then became a kind of anthem for me. It’s a call to arms disguised as a love song. It made me feel strong in being honest and vulnerable which set a tone for the rest of the record”.

Monster Lead Me Home: This tune was completely different compared to the opening tune. Monster Lead Me Home was a fast flowing pop jam with captivating lyrics and a dreamy vocal delivery. Everything about this was flawless, the dreamy vocals were sweet and at the same time they were like a drug because this track is so damn addictive. My favourite part of MLMH had to be the chorus “Monster take me somewhere/ Where I can see my breath in the air/ We walk in shadows/ Monster lead me home/ Where there is no place to hide/ Stranger on the other side/ We walk in shadows/ Monster lead me home/ Monster lead me home”.

Stranger In A Room: The penultimate track was not an original, this was a Jamie xx cover. You know what Sara pulled this off and delivered this track perfectly. Stranger In A Room was entrancing electronic pop and Hartman’s vocals were extremely smooth/ hypnotic.

Two Feet Off The Ground: This EP comes to a close with this whimsical tune. Now Two Feet Off The Ground is the latest single by Sara and it has already garnered over 1 million plays on Spotify which is quite an achievement. Compared to the opening two cuts this number is very different and this down to the fact plenty of folk vibes oozed from it. Anyhow I found Two Feet Off The Ground to be rather uplifting, mellowing and the lyrics were literally incredible. This tune showcases Hartman’s songwriting skills as this cut had sleek verses and a killer pop chorus which was delivered at a fast pace “Gravity never let me down/ Chemicals they spin me ’round/ Footsteps don’t make a sound/ When You’re Two Feet Off The Ground/ Gravity never let me down/ Chemicals they spin me ’round/ Footsteps don’t make a sound/ When you’re two feet off the ground”.

You can buy the Satellite EP HERE.

Official Site


Monster Lead Me Home
Stranger In A Room
Two Feet Off The Ground

OVERALL: This was one phenomenal mini album consisting of 3 amazing original cuts which left me entrance. Sara definitely does have a gift for writing such luscious songs. I actually cannot pick a favourite because they are all incredible. Hartman kind of looks like Rae Morris a little.

Anyhow if Sara Hartman does visit the UK I’ll be there.




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