Daily Dig: Meredith


Coming all the way from Brisbane, Australia is 25 year old Merideth Barker. Now Barker is a talented singer/ songwriter who has been releasing music since 2013. Whilst she is not brand new, Meredith is an upcoming talent who has supported the likes of Avaberee, Machine Age, Timberwolf and The Once (CAN) in 2015. 28th April also sees Barker support San Cisco and I love that group.

I would describe Meredith’s music as being dreamy electronic pop and that is a combination which works wonders. At this moment in time Meredith Barker has 4 releases to her name and these being the Darkness EP which was released back in 2014, then you have the singles Jumpin Beds, Levels and the most recent release and his being How Could You Believe That.

Regarding the Darkness EP this was a splendid release which featured 4 tantalising cuts which had been perfectly written. This release opened up with The Lion’s Roar, now this was an upbeat folk tinged cut aided by a sweet vocal delivery which reminded me of Lenka. Second track Darkness had to be my favourite as this was a sweetly delivered stripped back folk cut which reminded me of Gabrielle Aplin. River was another stripped back acoustic folk tune with gentle/ luscious lyrics which left me hypnotised. This startling EP ended with For You, this was both soothing/ tender plus it was very easy on the ear. I actually found For You to be rather contagious and like all the 4 songs on this mini album they showcased Barker’s perfect songwriting skills.

It was then out with the old and in with the new as Meredith Barker has released 3 outstanding cuts which will feature on her debut EP which is set to drop soon.

Jumpin Beds: Released mid 2014 this tune was rather promising. Written by Meredith Barker Jumpin Beds was her attempt of electronic pop and you know what it worked wonders. Barker’s vocals were both beautiful and slightly raspy, the lyrics were really mesmerising leaving me utterly hooked. Actually the music video below compliments the lyrics perfectly making this a short mini movie.

Levels: A year later saw the release of Levels. The response to this was ecstatic with the track receiving airplay on triple j, 200k plays on Spotify and an entry into the Spotify UK Viral 50 charts. The video also received copious amounts of love from rage and the blogosphere.

My thoughts on this are pretty promising as this was a perfectly polished electronic pop cut aided by a distinct sweet vocal delivery. The vocals actually reminded me of Ellie Goulding. Levels was a slick dreamy jam with lyrics that left me hooked.

How Could You Believe That: We then get to the most recent single by Meredith. Eerie and emotional, it brings the message of troubled relationships and the powerless feeling experienced by those closest to them. The video cuts between scenes in an empty church, an abandoned bus and a bedroom, evoking a sense of isolation, confusion and longing. It expresses Meredith’s undeniable authenticity as a musician and serves as the perfect visual interpretation of her latest single.

All in all this was one hell of a jam and again this was a well written masterpiece as the lyrics offered a narrative. Unlike the prior Meredith tracks this wasn’t a sweetly delivered cut. Instead this was funky and fresh smothered with plenty of electronic beats.

All in all Meredith Barker is one hell of a singer/ songwriter and the tastebuds are truly tantalised over the prospect of the debut Meredith mini album.



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