Daily Dig: Jude Perl


Jude Perl has been performing professionally for the past 7 years as a singer and pianist and in the last year has branched out into stand up and music comedy. I’ve literally become obsessed with the material this talented Australian has under her belt.

Now the style of the material Jude has is comedic pop which cracks me up whenever I hear it because they are very tongue in cheek. Also I must say they always put a smile on my face. 1st March 2016 has finally seen the release of the debut record Modern Times on SugarHope Records. Just seeing Perl’s advertisements for this record did make me laugh.

We then go back in time to January 2013, Jude Perl released her debut EP 3am independently. Featuring only 5 songs (well 8 if you include the interludes and the final track which was basically messages on an aswerphone) this mini album had me completely hooked

Girls & Boys: This was a funky pop song with glistening lyrics which were extremely upbeat. This song had been perfectly pieced together as there were breezy verses and a chorus which had me in a trance “Girls and boys/ We gotta lot to learn / Boys and girls/ We gotta lot to learn”. It was infact thee debut single by Jude Perl and the actual music video of a grown up child’s birthday party was truly hilarious.

Change You: After a 16 second message it was then onto the 3rd track. This tune was a luscious jazz inspired track which saw Jude give advice when it comes to affairs of the heart “When it comes to, choosing someone/ To give your heart to/ You gotta be careful/ You gotta be careful/ Don’t open up to just anyone/ Don’t share your heart with just anyone/ Some people don’t follow your rules/ But you’re the one who put them on a pedestal”. Now those lyrics which also saw Perl saying that she never wants to change the man she loves were very sultry.

This Time: I found this tune to be really compelling as this again was another funky cut with lucious lyrics which were extremely light. Plenty of jazz vibes oozed from this wondrous song.

Somewhere To Call Home: This by far has to be my favourite from the 3am EP. I would describe it being a beautiful soft entrancing piano ballad aided by sparkly lyrics.Just listening always leaves me in a trance, everything about it was incredible and those lyrics were literally delectable.

3am: Ending this startling EP was the title track and this being 3am and oh my god this was a gentle paced tune which was yet again funky in places. Perl’s soulful vocal abilities were extraordinary plus this and the other 4 originals showcased her songwriting skills. My favourite part had to be the upbeat chorus “I can’t sleep/ Cos I know that I will dream about you/ Being held in your arms/ Is it wrong to dream when I’ve decided I can’t have you/ All I know is that I’ve never felt this way”.

Regarding the Interlude answerphone messages I swear that is Rebel Wilson.

When Jude went down the Comedy route that is when her song writing style changed. April 2015 saw Jude play at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the title of this show was “Jude Perl: Is It Just Me?”. Whilst it’s not available to purchase Perl released an Is It Just Me? playlist on Soundcloud featuring three quirky cuts which made me chuckle. These songs being Our Love: A Power Ballad, Pop Singer and my favourite Sorry which has a Sesame Street style music video.

I’m literally in love with Jude Perl’s music, I adore the comedic feel to each track she currently has. I must say the tunes are fun filled pop which uplifts your spirits. The moment Perl returns to the United Kingdom I’m so there.

I will be sharing my thoughts on Modern Times very soon.

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