Zoee @ Miranda, Ace Hotel 21st April 2016


The second edition of Dummy Presents saw the likes of Peluché, Bamboo and Zoee all perform at Miranda. For those who have never been to the venue, Miranda is a part of Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel. I have been here a couple of times in the past and has a really low stage.

I arrived at 7.30pm still reeling from the news that Prince had passed away at the age of 57. The reason for me attending was to see Zoee who greatly impressed me when they supported Hana mid March. Actually Zoee is literally a mystery, the only form of communication you can have with them is via Twitter. An official website does exist but apart from a music track and a picture there is no content on it.


Aside from that the vocalist of Zoee is Harriet Pittard who is an exceptional singer/ songwriter who had performed a set of 6 songs. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed by how each number was crafted because they were well and truly amazing.

Taking to the stage a little after 8.30pm were boy girl duo Zoee. What kickstarted this short but sweet set was Head Rush. I have to say this was an impeccable tune with a sugar coated vocal delivery. Now this cut had been superbly crafted and it showcased off Pittard’s exquisite songwriting abilities. I must admit Head Rush left me hooked as the upbeat lyrics were rather infectious “Head Rush/ All I ever need is one touch/ Got me waiting for a cold breeze/ Tell me that this is a bad dream/ Got a feeling like a Head Rush/ Got me coming up a hot blush/ Like I’m heading for a deep crush/ Got a feeling like a Head Rush”. Other than the catchy chorus the verses were extremely sugary sweet, instead of giving me a Head Rush this wondrous tune can quite easily give me a Sugar Rush.


Following on it was onto Love Bites which has single written all over it. Anyhow this track was funky and fresh aided by upbeat lyrics which left me completely captivate “I still got your Love Bites/ Baby boy/ I still touch your Love Bite/ I still want your Love Bites/ Baby boy/ I think about your Love Bite”. The chorus infact packed a punch whilst the verses were utterly gorgeous. Harriet’s sweet vocal delivery reminded me of Lily Allen. The crystal clear lyrics offered a narrative of a boy and girl whom are too shy to make the first move, when they do they hook up for one night of passion “But tonight I wanna another souvenir/ Something to remember you by”. On the whole this was a majestical song which left me compelled from beginning to end.


Straight after it was then onto Insecure (7,8,9) which is the only Zoee number that is out there within the public domain. I found this to be a lucious number with a sticky sweet vocal delivery which left me completely hypnotised. My highlight had to be the vibrant verses which left me hooked “How can I explain to you/ I’m guilty of no crime/ Paranoia/ Soul destroyer/ Poisoning your mind”. Still Insecure was a delectable cut and it tantalizes me picturing the debut Zoee album.


Betcha was a promising tune which I found to be really  mellowing. This sleek jam left me utterly entranced. “All of the things we said/ We don’t need any/ Betcha don’t hesitate/ Betcha don’t contemplate/ Betcha don’t hold her hand/ Betcha don’t/ Yeah Betcha don’t”. Now Betcha offered a narrative plus the advice “Don’t go out after dark/ That is what they say/ Keep your hands close to her/ We’ll make it anyway”. Anyhow this mesmerising cut was both short and sweet. “This is the first time we’ve played this new one” Pittard said before getting stuck into Used. The vocal delivery sent shivers down my spine and the actual lyrics were spoken reminiscent to Kate Nash. I was left bowled over because this song was all sorts of amazing. I really do hope the studio version is released sometime in the future.


The set then came to a close with Appreciate. Now this was a spell binding number which saw Harriet sing the lines “Appreciate me boy/ Did you ever, did you ever/ Appreciate me boy/ Did you ever, did you ever”. This  tune had been well written and the Pittard’s vocals were sweeter like honey. Given the fact the other half of Zoee (who was on both keys and guitar) started singing excerpts from Love Bites does make me think that this is about the same boy in that song. I found Appreciate to be really catchy and the lyrical content was precise telling you of a boy who didn’t really appreciate Harriet which then ended up with her letting go “You should know/ I’m letting go”.


Head Rush
Love Bites
Insecure (7,8,9)

Official Site

OVERALL: Zoee are a promising duo whom have some superb material underneath their belts. The moment I witnessed them support Hana at Old Blue Last I was left transfixed witnessing an act who I hadn’t seen or heard before. So much so when I saw that they were supporting this event I jumped at the chance and sent an RSVP straight away.

Harriet Pittard’s vocals were sweet like chocolate and the music that they sang was sugar coated pop. Each tune performed was a right cracker and surely an EP must be in the works as they certainly have the material for one.


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