Daily Dig: MarieLine


Born in France to a Swedish model and a French tennis player turned entrepreneur is the feisty Marieline Grinda. During her teens she left Nice in her teens to pursue both acting and modeling throughout Europe. She moved to London to pursue a career as an actress and whilst in Paris, a young Marieline fell into a role providing vocals for a beat maker. After a stint in Los Angeles and finally settling in New York City, Grinda channeled her breadth of life experiences, with all their joys and sorrows, into music that resonates both on a visceral and intellectual level.

We now come to 2016 MarieLine (sounds like Marilyn) is a busy working mother who has three children. She gets major kudos for perfectly balancing both being a mother and having a music career.

Now the style of Grinda’s music is pure electro pop which works wonders. Later on this year MarieLine releases her debut EP and the first single taken from it is called I Don’t Have Time For This Shit. Having heard this tune on multiple occasions, I have to say I’m completely in love with. IDHTFTS is a rap esque electro pop cut with super catchy upbeat lyrics which were very tongue in cheek which describe Grinda’s hectic life hence the song title I Don’t Have Time For This Shit. “I’m walking on broadway/ Pushing tourists out of my way/ Then this guy comes up to my face/ Asking me to save the dophins”.

Anyhow the verses actually were in the similar style of the verses to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok/ Liz – When I Rule The World. The music video complimented the lyrics to perfection.

Other than that song if you go on MarieLine’s Soundcloud page you are presented with more songs. Each cut is truly startling.

Take Me Away: Now I have to say this was a shimmering electro pop tune with has the makings of an anthem. The lyrics were spectacular delivering a powerful message if you are going through your teenage years. “Growing up it wasn’t easy/ I didn’t fit in/ I didn’t fit the mould/ Friends I have to say I didn’t have many”. Teenagers can easily relate to this because growing up isn’t easily especially trying to fit in at a new school. “One day you will see/ I’ll be the person you wanna be/ But for now I can’t look in the mirror”. My highlight of this tune had to be the chorus which does make you want to jump up and down.

Quand Je Te Vois: Sung with her native tongue this stunning tune translates to When I See You. Now my French is rather limited but Quand Je Te Vois was an upbeat cut which left me utterly hypnotised. This was infact released as a single back in 2013.

Everything I Do: Like Take Me Away and Quand Je Te Vois this was also released as a single back at the end of 2013. The Soundcloud page has an acoustic version of this gorgeous powerful track and no it’s not a cover of Bryan Adams instead it was a sparkling original. The lyrics were a work of art making this sparkling number resulting in something both sleek and sexual.

Caught In My Own Game: We then get to the the final three songs on the Soundcloud page and each of these are fully acoustic. Anyhow Caught In My Own Game was a phenomenal tune which was delivered at a steady pace. The relate able lyrics were very sultry whist the vocals were rather smokey.

You’ll Never Know: I find this number to be quite hypnotising. You’ll Never Know was a powerful heartbreaking ballad. MarieLine wrote this for her Aunt who lost her 23 year old son in a motorcycle accident. This was a well crafted tune which Grinda put so much heart and soul into. Whenever I hear this it does tug at my heartstrings.

Beat Of My Heart: Now this is a duet with Estée Maria and this is one impeccable cut which leaves me with a smile on my face. This bright and breezy song and it quite easily can be a country tune. Its verses were vibrant and the chorus was extremely catchy “Oh, the Beat Of My Heart/ It is time for me to let you see/ Oh, the Beat Of My Heart/ How can I forget, I was in love”. Both MarieLine and Estée go full pelt and this relaxing number left me with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

Finally I eagerly anticipate the release of the debut EP by MarieLine Grinda. Even though one single this being the quirky IDHTFTS has been released from this mini album, I really hope that not all the tunes which feature follow the same suit.

Don’t get me wrong I love love love that song but whilst listening to each song on her Soundcloud page my mind was literally blown. Yes the likes of Take Me Away, Everything I Do, You’ll Never Know and Beat Of My Heart may be 2 years old but these songs show a different side of MarieLine. I must say each of these tunes left me mesmerised.



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