Lánre: Human EP Preview


Released on 29th April 2016 is the 2nd EP by British talented singer/ songwriter Lánre. Despite being having been born in Stoke On Trent, Lánre spent 20 years of her life growing up in Nigeria getting to know both her heritage and extended family.

Despite having started to sing and perform since the age of 8, music was just a hobby. Her education was the highest priority. Back in 2002 was when Lánre was bitten by the bug and rediscovered her passion for both music and writing. She even joined the award winning UK collective GK REAL which took her around the world. Now that experience triggered the desire to pursue a solo career.

2011 saw the release of the debut album Pen Voyage Chapter One and 3 years after that saw the release of the critically acclaimed Home EP which garnered praise from the likes of MTV and Mobo.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the brand new EP Human and just listening to this release takes my breath away. The reason Human hits the spot is mainly down to the fact I adore the acoustic soulful vibes which ooze from each song.

Human: The current single opens this splendid 4 track release. I found Human to be a refreshing number which oozed bundles of soul. It is actually rather refreshing as this was a perfect piece of song writing. The beautiful Human was in fact rather uplifting with a chilled out vocal delivery which left me completely hypnotised.

Fire: Yet another spectacular cut. “Will you light a fire for me” Lánre constantly mentions throughout this entrancing tune. Fire was rather soothing aided by phenomenal lyrics which left me completely hooked.

Dreams: Now this tune was acoustic soulful folk which resulted in an incredible song. “What will it take for you to/ Go the extra mile/ Follow your heart” I have to say this was really lovely and the lyrics were rather mesmerising. There is something about acoustic music which makes my spine tingle. Anyhow this number had been beautifully written showing off Lánre skills for writing an enchanting song.

My Soul: Ending this spectacular EP was the lead single. Released at the end of November 2015 My Soul was inspired by the events that took place in Northern Nigeria which saw nearly 300 girls kidnapped from their school.

This was utter genius as the powerful lyrics make you picture these events in your minds eye. “I’m the girl who kept running/ From sunset to daybreak/ The need to keep living/ Greater than the fear of dying”. Whilst My Soul has been wonderfully constructed and even though the storytelling lyrics are slightly eerie this is also a song that expresses defiance and strength during unpleasant situations like this “I will not be silent/ Till my voice is heard”.


If soulful music is your thing then you can pre order Home HERE.


29/04/16 – Omnibus Unplugged Sessions @ Omnibus 1 Northside, Clapham Common, SW4 7.30pm | £5

27/05/16 – Official EP Lauch @ Omnibus Clapham Common | Omnibus 1 Northside, SW4 7.30pm | £10 (BUY TICKETS)

Official Site




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